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Many individuals and organizations supported me over the years of researching and writing this book. Foremost are the people who permitted me to interview and spend time with them. Although relatively few are mentioned by name in this text, I am grateful to all of them. Research and travel were funded by grants from the American Association of University Women, the Joint Committee on the Near and Middle East of the American Council of Learned Societies and the Social Science Research Council, The American University, the Institute for Intercultural Studies, the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the National Science Foundation’s Law and Social Science Program, Swarthmore College, Morehouse College, and the University of California–Santa Barbara. This study began as a doctoral dissertation. I would like to thank Samih K. Farsoun, a most supportive advisor, as well as Gay Young and Julie Peteet, who helped me hone my research agenda and analytical skills. Talal Asad pointed me toward the Israeli military court system, and taking his suggestion has shaped the course of my life. Conducting research in Israel/Palestine, I was greatly aided by the advice, insights, and connections provided by many friends and colleagues . I am deeply indebted to Salim Tamari, Stanley Cohen, Rema Hammami, Lee O’Brien, Joost Hiltermann, Mouin Rabbani, GeoV Hartman, Elia Zureik, Graham Usher, Alex Pollack, Mark Taylor, Franco La Torre, Hassan Jabarin, and Rina Rosenberg for their wisdom and generosity . Nadia Abu El-Haj, with whom I shared an apartment and the joys and travails of Weld research from 1991 to 1993, provided intellectual inspiAcknowledgments xi ration, social release, and access to really good food: the Abu El-Haj family helped make Jerusalem my home away from home. Every time I returned to Israel/Palestine, Lee, Rema, Alex, Salim, Graham, Hassan, and Rina generously shared their homes and their thoughts about the latest developments. I treasure the time I spent with all of them. Many people in Israel/Palestine were helpful and supportive of my research. I especially thank Lea Tsemel, Usama Halaby, Tamar Peleg, Raji Sourani, Raja Shehadeh, Penny Johnson, Andre Rosenthal, Allegra Pacheco, Jamal Susi, Iyad Alami, Rabi` Halaby, the late Makram Qupty, Oren Yiftachel, Tikva Parnass, Michel Warshawsky, Rachel Jones, and all the people associated with the Alternative Information Center. I also express deep gratitude to many people in the Golan Heights, which became my other home away from home, especially Taiseer Maray, Ataf Safadi, the late Ali Safadi, Munir Fakradin, and all those associated with the Arab Association for Development. Joel Beinin, Zachary Lockman, and James Ron, whose own works on Israel/Palestine have been an inspiration, read my work in various incarnations and assisted me with their critical insights. In the dissertationto -book conversion process, Bruce Grant was a reader extraordinaire, and in the draft-to-Wnal-text process, my colleagues in the Law and Society Program at the University of California–Santa Barbara were unstintingly generous with their time and thoughts. Thanks to Eve DarianSmith , Juliet Williams, Kathleen Moore, Elvin Hatch, Stuart Streichler, Jeanne Umana, Hillary Berk, and Tom Hillbink. I discovered the Weld of law and society, which I now claim as my academic home, thanks to Ronen Shamir and George Bisharat. Both also taught me a great deal about law and conXict in Israel/Palestine. I have beneWted greatly from relationships with many people in the Law and Society Association, especially those associated with the cause lawyering project. When I was a young graduate student, I cut my political teeth working at the Middle East Research and Information Project (MERIP) and honed my writing skills from the example provided by Joe Stork, then the editor of Middle East Report. My ongoing association with MERIP is one of my greatest professional pleasures, and I thank all the comrades for doing their part to keep the progressive Wres burning (metaphorically speaking, of course) in these damp times. My friends Dru Burtz and Ana Maria “Ia” Carbonell have provided an endless supply of moral support. Dru’s home in Rome often served as a xii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS decompression chamber when I left Israel/Palestine, and Ia’s creative mind conjured the title for this book. I owe the most gratitude of all to the wise and wonderful Bashar Tarabieh and to my family, especially my parents, to whom I dedicate this book. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS xiii This page intentionally left blank ...


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