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Illustrations 1. Roller coaster at the carnival on the Field of Mars. 26 2. Ferris wheel and balagan theater at an Easter carnival 27 at Ekateringof Garden. 3. Open-air summer stage sponsored by the Guardianship 69 of Popular Temperance in Petrovskii Park. 4. Stage of the Vasilevskii Island Theater for Workers. 84 5. The Emperor Nicholas II People’s House decorated for the 101 celebrations of the tercentenary of the Romanov dynasty. 6. The Moscow Municipal People’s House. 114 7. The troupe of the Moscow Municipal People’s House. 114 8. Children’s performance at the Vasilevskii Island 147 Theater for Workers. 9. Engraving of the Guardianship of Popular Temperance’s 154 summer theater at the Tauride Gardens. 10. The Emperor Nicholas II People’s House and its opera house. 155 11. Scenes from Alekseev-Iakovlev’s spectacular outdoor 165 production of The Taking of Azov. 12. Fedor Shaliapin performing in an opera at the Emperor 166 Nicholas II People’s House. 13. Libretto from an opera at the garden of the Alekseevskii 178 People’s House. 14. The actors of Anna Brenko’s “Workers’ Theater.” 200 15. Open-air summer stage in the park of the Vasilevskii 209 Island Theater for Workers. 16. “Free Theater.” 242 This page intentionally left blank This page intentionally left blank ...


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