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the inspiration for this book cameoverlunchintheKaginHallfaculty dining room several years ago, when members of the religious studies department hosted former Macalester president John B. Davis. During the course of the conversation, President Davis lamented the fact that a scholarly history of thecollegehadnotbeenattemptedsincethevolumebyHenryDanielFunkwas publishedin1910.Asavisitingfacultymemberinthedepartmentveryinterested in lived religious life, I found the idea of producing such a history immediately intriguing.Severalmonthslater,asIandmembersof thedepartment,including CalvinRoetzelandPaulaCooey,developedaproposalfortheLillyEndowment’s Theological Exploration of Vocation Program, we decided that exploring the college’s historical vocation should be a central piece of our work. This book is thus very much the result of President Davis’s initial idea, collegial support fromfacultyof thereligiousstudiesdepartment,andgenerousfinancialsupport from the Lilly Endowment Inc. In the process of developing the project, I have benefited from the aid and support of many people—too many, sadly, to name all of them here. I do want to acknowledge a few individuals who have been central to its advancement and completion. First and foremost, Kay Crawford (class of ’70) assisted me in countless ways—conducting numerous oral history interviews; transcribing andorganizingmaterials;and,asalongtimeMacite,tippingmeoff toimportant questions, topics, and issues. Kay hired several excellent research assistants, who transcribed countless documents, mined the Macalester and Minnesota HistoryCenterarchiveswithenergyandinsight,andbroughtamazinginformation to my attention: Emily Witsell (class of ’05), Sarah Turner (class of ’04), Zach Teicher (class of ’06), and Michael (Rich) Sheridan (class of ’04). I also Acknowledgments xi thank Gail Caligieri and Bobbie Cezinski for their insight and administrative and technical support. Iwouldliketothankanumberof Macalesterfacultymembersfortheirsupport of the project. First, James Brewer Stewart generously shared his insights on the institution, gleaned from his many years in the history department, and also shepherded the project through some turbulent institutional waters. His unwavering enthusiasm for the project was a continual inspiration to me. Truman Schwartz provided helpful information and support; Calvin Roetzel and Paula Cooey also have my sincere gratitude. Thanks to Macalester library director Terri Fishel and archivists Beth Hilleman and Ellen Holt-Werle and to Eileen McCormack, associate curator at the James J. Hill Reference Library. I am indebted to Nancy Head (Mrs. Charles Turck), who generously donated important material on President Turck’s time in office. Finally, I express my appreciation to Dale Johnson and Dan Dupre, who offered excellent comments on the initial manuscript, and to University of Minnesota Press editor Pieter Martin, who expertly shepherded this project through to completion. xii | acknowledgments ...


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