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A C K N O W L E D G M E N T S It is a pleasure to record gratitude to the Editorial Board of The Catholic University of America Press for accepting the present work for publication as volume 3 in the series, Selections from the Fathers of the Church, and special thanks to the Director, Dr. David McGonagle, for providing me with an electronic version of the original translation and much practical and technical advice. I have been especially fortunate in having my colleague, Prof. Michael Slusser, serve as a very hands-on editor of this volume . He saved me from several blunders and has insisted— suaviter in modo, fortiter in re—on many addenda, mutanda, and delenda. Not least of his improvements were to re-think and restructure the Table of Contents and to alert me to several bibliographical items on Trypho’s side of the Dialogue. I have been equally fortunate in having the vigilant assistance of our Staff Editor, Joel Kalvesmaki, who has coped with my many editorial mood swings with promptness, competence, and apparent tranquility. Infelicities that remain are inescapably mea culpa. vii ...


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