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217 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS “Memory,” Oscar Wilde wrote, “is the diary that chronicles things that never happened or couldn’t possibly have happened.” Throughout this book we endorse Wilde’s sense of the extravagant fancy often associated with memories, but we are also fortunate to have memories of very real acts of kindness and generosity. For discussing ideas with us, reading drafts, making valuable recommendations, and inviting us to try out portions of the book while still in progress, we remember with real gratitude Martin Berger, David Bergman, Michael Camille, Russ Castronovo, George Chauncey, Tina Chen, Charlotte Eubanks, Susan Gillman, Leigh Gilmore , Ron Gregg, Barbara Greene and her colleagues at Notre Dame, Larry Gross and his colleagues at Penn, David Halperin, Sharon Haar, Eric Hayot, Andrew Hostetler, Alex Juhasz, Jonathan Katz, Jongwoo Kim, Christopher Lane, Jeff Masten, Richard Morrison, Anthony Musillami, Dana Nelson, Eden Osucha and her colleagues at Bates, Don Pease, Beth Povinelli, Eric Rofes, Alan Sinfield, Marc Stein, and Jonathan Walz. We are especially grateful to Beth Freeman, Dana Luciano, and a third anonymous reader who provided us with invaluable detailed and constructive commentary on the entire manuscript. A fellowship from the Gay 218 Acknowledgments and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation Center for the Study of Media and Society enabled our research on Will and Grace. We are grateful to GLAAD, especially to center director Van Cagle for his guidance and support. We are deeply thankful to Robin Schulze, head of the English department , and Susan Welch, dean of the College for the Liberal Arts, both of whom have supported our scholarship and made Penn State a delightful place to be working scholars. For his never-ending affection, his dizzying erudition, and his own particular form of queer optimism, we thank Robert Caserio. From the start of this project, we received the richest and most thoughtful feedback from Richard Morrison, first as an extraordinarily astute reader, then as a valued friend, and finally as the best guide we could hope for in the completion of this project. We threatened Richard that we would thank him for being much funnier than you would expect an editor to be; for that, and much, much more, we are grateful to him and also to the staff at the University of Minnesota Press. Finally, to the three men to whom the book is dedicated—brilliant, brave gay men and generous, gentle mentors—we owe our sense of the possible, as do all people who read and empathize with this book. ...


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