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A Note on the Tambourine and Fan Club As Milton Batiste, a trumpeter with Dejan's Olympia BrassBand, explained in the mid-eighties, The Tambourine and Fan was aclub formed in conjunction with the New Orleans Recreation Department , to entertain the kids, and to teach them about dance, our culture , our heritage and to keep them off the streets, against drugs and other criminal activities. There is a place in the seventh ward on Claiborne Avenue where the club house is situated on city property, under the overpass. There were Mardi Gras Indians, there were dance teams, and there were sports—football, baseball and basketball . In it were a few musicians, young boys playing instruments. Freddy Kohlman and a couple of older musicians had at one time been helpingthese young musicians to learn to play. They had a band; they calledit Tambourine and Fan Brass Band. It was getting nowhere. I steppedinto the picture and said to the director, Jerome Smith, "I'd like to come in and tutor these guys and show 'em how to play the tunes and help out." Wehad summer camp, every summer with these kids, and I would go maybe twice a week to the fieldhouseand sorta try to shape them into what would becomea band.'0 The bandMilton took over becametheJunior Olympia band, but therehad been other peoplebesidesFreddy Kohlman helping at the fieldhouse. Danny Barker had formed the RootsofJazz Brass Banda coupleof years earlier, and immediately before that, the Tambourine and Fan Clubhad spawned the YoungMen BrassBand. Milton Batiste, 1993 Photo byMike Pet I 2 J The musicians from these bands turned into quite a catalog of talent. There were Stafford Agee, trombone (Junior Olympia, regular Olympia, Rebirth); Revert Andrews, trombone (Junior Olympia, All Stars, Dirty Dozen); Keith Anderson, trombone and bass horn (Regal, Rebirth, Dirty Dozen, Olympia); Tanio Hingle and Kerry Hunter, drums (Junior Olympia, regular Olympia, New Birth); and KennethTerry (Junior and regular Olympia, Regal,Rebirth, Treme) among others. In a very real sense,the clubhouse under the overpass produced a vitalcontribution to the ongoing New Orleans brass band scene. It was this aspect of Tambourine and Fan that I had originally intended to discuss when I made the appointment with its director, Jerome Smith. But we digressed, and I'm really glad wedid. 124 KEEPING THE BEAT ON THE STREET ...


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