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Acknowledgments This book would not have been possible without a good number of friends and researchers. First, I want to acknowledge my staff and research associates at Honor the Earth: Tom Reed, Nellis Kennedy-Howard, Faye Brown and Luke Warner. Those who rose to the occasion to find obscure facts for us include Andrea Keller, Kai Bosworth, Kelly Morgan, Margaret Campbell and Caitlin Sislin. I also want to thank Frank Buffalo Hyde for his inspirational writing and life, and John Redhouse and Glen Morris for further guiding this writing and research. These individuals and other friends sent in notes to me and helped frame the writing and the stories. I also want to thank the many artists, curators and photographers who have donated their work or helped me locate art: Betty LaDuke, Joe Horse Capture, Sheryl Day, John Fadden, the family of Billy Walkabout, Jim Northrup, Monte Singer, Dick Bancroft, Jack Mallotte and many more. I must thank Mortimer Cushman for a place to write, and his unending kindness. And, my editor and new friend, Sean Aaron Cruz, who saw me through the writer’s block and helped illuminate my voice in the face of all of these stories and facts. Finally, I want to issue a special miigwech to those foundations that helped make this project possible: Ben & Jerry’s Foundation, Peace Development Fund, Hill Snowdon Foundation and Samuel Rubin Foundation. Thank you so much for your support. ...


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