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7 About the authors Ian Anderson is Senior Lecturer in New Technologies for the Humanities at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, and member of the Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute (HATII). He conducts research on web services for digital libraries, the archive and feminist theory, the interrelationships between identity, memory, writing and history, retention and deletion decision making in lay record managers and self-preserving digital objects. Lluís Anglada is director of the Catalan Academic Library Consortium and was formerly the library director of the Catalonia Technical University and professor for three years in the School of Librarianship of Barcelona University. He is active in various professional associations at Catalan, Spanish and international levels, including the scientific committees of professional conferences in Catalonia and Spain, European meetings of ICOLC and Library Advisory Boards of Academic Press, Blackwell Publishing, Nature Publishing Group and Springer. Ángel Borrego is a lecturer in the Department of Library and Information Science at the University of Barcelona, teaching an undergraduate course in information behaviour, and co-ordinating the School’s doctoral programme. His current research interests focus on scholarly communication and information behaviour in the electronic environment. Genevieve Clavel-Merrin is responsible for national and international cooperation at the Swiss National Library in Bern. She is currently working on projects covering digitization and its coordination in Swiss libraries, plus public-private partnerships. She is active in the field of multilingual access (MACS - Multilingual Access to Subjects) and IFLA. She has wide experience in European-funded projects and is the Swiss representative for The European Library. Mel Collier is Chief Librarian at the University of Leuven and a consultant in the fields of change management and innovation in libraries and learning in institutions of higher education. For the last ten years he has worked on business planning for digital libraries, including The European Library and Europeana. Núria Comellas is Project Manager at the Consortium of Academic Libraries of Catalonia responsible for negotiating and the licensing of electronic resources on behalf of the consortium library members and the division of costs between them. She was formerly a librarian at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Stefan Gradmann is Professor of Library and Information Science with a focus on knowledge management and semantics based operations at the Humboldt University of Berlin. He studied Greek, philosophy and German literature in Paris and Freiburg (Brsg.) and received his Ph.D in Freiburg in 1986 in Literary Studies. He has worked as scientific librarian at the State and University Library in Hamburg, he was the director of the GBV Library Network, and worked for Pica B.V. in Leiden as product manager and senior consultant. Later he was Deputy Director of the University of Hamburg Regional Computing Center, the Project Director of the GAP (German Academic Publishing) BPDG_opmaak_12072010.indd 7 13/07/10 11:51 8 Project of the German Research Association, and technical co-ordinator of the EC funded project FIGARO. He is currently heavily involved in building Europeana, the European Digital Library, specifically as co-leader of WP3 on technical and semantic interoperability and leader of EuropeanaConnect WP1 (Semantic Data Layer). Rolf Hapel is director of Citizens’ Services and Libraries in Aarhus, Denmark, and currently member of the coordination board for net libraries. He was awarded the order of Dannebrog and is an honorary professor at the Danish Library School. Aarhus Public Libraries received the Gates Foundation’s “Access to Learning Award” 2004, was among the top ranked public institutions in !nnovation Cup 2007 and is frequently top benchmarked in “Best on the Internet”. Kristiina Hormia-Poutanen is the Deputy National Librarian of the National Library of Finland and director of the Library Network Services department. She is a member of the LIBER board and chair of the LIBER Digitization and Resource Discovery section. She is the chair of the availability section of the Finnish Digital Library project. She is active in various national and international initiatives, including IFLA, ICOLC, LIBER and eIFL especially in relation to digital library infrastructures, consortia development issues, licensing and licensing models and open access. Dirk Kinnaes is Project Manager with LIBIS, the ICT department of Leuven University Library, which also provides ICT services to a large number of external library and archive clients through LIBISnet. He is a key participant in the development and implementation of LIAS, the Leuven Integrated Archive System. Paul Koerbin is the Manager of Web Archiving at the National Library of Australia...


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