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xv A C K N O W L E D G M E N T S Any publication that involves more than a dozen authors owes a note of gratitude to more people than can possibly be named. Each author has included acknowledgments at the beginning of their own essay, so the editors, John Peffer and Elisabeth Cameron, would like to use this space to thank those who worked on the broader project. “Portrait Photography in African Worlds” (February 3–4, 2006), the conference where many of the essays in this volume were originally presented, was hosted by the History of Art and Visual Culture Department (HAVC), University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC). It was made possible through the generosity and encouragement of Patricia and Rowland Rebele. Raoul Birnbaum, who was serving as the Patricia and Rowland Rebele Endowed Chair in the History of Art and Visual Culture, invited us to help organize a conference on African portrait photography and was instrumental in that conference’s being a smashing success. We would like to thank all the original speakers for their lively engagement: Rowland Abíọ́dún, Heike Behrend, Raoul Birnbaum, Liam Buckley, Christraud Geary, Candace Keller, Z. S. Strother, Susan Vogel, and Tobias Wendl. Ruth Mutch and Elena Lledo, HAVC staff members, managed logistics for the conference and Susan Greenspan designed the poster. Forthecurrentvolume,thecontinuedsupportofRaoulBirnbaum,theRebeles, the UCSC Arts Division Arts Research Institute, the HAVC department, and the UCSC Senate Committee on Research have kept the project alive. This volume would not have been possible without a substantial gift from the Rebele family through the Rebele Chair. We would also like to thank David Yager, UCSC Dean of the Arts, for his unswerving support of faculty research. Elisabeth would also like to thank her HAVC colleagues for their support during this long process. We are indebted to the many institutions and collectors who generously allowed us to publish photographs ranging from historical to contemporary, with special thanks to Alisa LaGamma and Jennifer Larson at the Metropolitan Museum, and to Sarah Walpole at the Royal Anthropological Institute. Patrick McNaughton Acknowledgments xvi and Dee Mortensen at Indiana University Press believed in our project from the start, and wonderful IUP staff members, including June Silay, Eric Levy, and Sarah Jacobi, have been our good shepherds throughout the publication process. John also must thank Patrick for turning him on to African art when he was an undergradute at IU during the 1980s—which made this new opportunity to work together again a special pleasure. Thank you, too, to Maria Moreno, for translating the essay by Érika Nimis, and to Rachel Nelson for proofreading the book. John would like to thank his colleagues at Ramapo College for their unwavering support and intellectual stimulation, especially Dean Steven Perry, Meredith Davis, Jay Wholley, and the “photo team” of Yolanda Del Amo, David Freund, JonathanLipkin,andWarnerWada.And—tohismanystudentsatNorthwestern, UCSC, Case Western, and Ramapo who challenged his thoughts in only positive ways, including Katie McKeown, Grace Radkins, Matt Teti, Marissa Ringel, Lisa Burns, Loryn Mooney, Lauren Mercado, and Enzo Cinquegrana. To our families, the Peffers, Greenspans, Hoods, and Camerons, please accept our deepest gratitude for giving the encouragement, patience, and love that sustains us. Finally, John would like to thank Elisabeth, and Elisabeth, John, for not only sharing the patience and cool-headedness necessary for compiling a volume like this, but even more for the deep friendship that has developed through the process of bringing this book to you. AFRICA P O R T R A I T U R E & P H O T O G R A P H Y I N This page intentionally left blank ...


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