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Introduction: The Study of Photographic Portraiture in Africa JOHN PEFFER 1 Portrait Photography: A Visual Currency in the Atlantic Visualscape J Ü R G SC H N EI D ER 3 5 Lutterodt Family Studios and the Changing Face of Early Portrait Photographs from the Gold Coast ER I N HAN EY 67 Yoruba Studio Photographers in Francophone West Africa ÉR IK A N I M I S 102 The Fieldworker and the Portrait: The Social Relations of Photography EL I SAB E TH L . CAM ER O N 141 CONTENTS 1 2 3 4 PART ONE. EXCHANGE PART TWO. SOCIAL LIVES 5 6 “A Photograph Steals the Soul”: The History of an Idea Z . S. ST R OTH ER 177 The Past in the Present: Photographic Portraiture and the Evocation of Multiple Histories in the Bamum Kingdom of Cameroon CH R I ST R AU D M. GE A RY 213 Foreword \ Raoul Birnbaum ix Acknowledgments xv 7 8 9 10 11 12 PART THREE. TRADITIONS Mombasa on Display: Photography and the Formation of an Urban Public, from the 1940s Onward I SO L D E B R I EL M AI ER 25 3 Portrait Photography in a Postcolonial Age: How Beauty Tells the Truth L I A M B U CK L E Y 287 Likeness or Not: Musings on Portraiture in Canonical African Art and Its Implications for African Portrait Photography J E AN BO R GAT TI 315 Àkó-graphy: . Òw. ò Portraits R OWL AN D AB Í . ÓD Ú N 3 41 Visual Griots: Identity,Aesthetics, and the Social Roles of Portrait Photographers in Mali CAN DACE M. K ELL ER 36 3 The Intermediality of Portraiture in Northern Côte d’Ivoire TI LL FÖ R STER 4 07 Contributors 439 Index 441 This page intentionally left blank ...


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