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nbr analysis Japan-Taiwan Interaction: Implications for the United States Number 1, October 2005 The Power of Globalization Number 2, November 2005 The Globalization of Corporate China Number 3, December 2005 Whither U.S.-China Relations? Number 4, December 2005 Congress and the Updating of the U.S.-China Relationship Number 5, December 2005 Volume 16 Informing and Strengthening Policy The NBR Analysis (ISSN 1052-164X) offers timely essays on countries, events, and issues from recognized specialists. The views expressed in these essays are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of other NBR research associates or institutions that support NBR. The National Bureau of Asian Research is a nonprofit, nonpartisan research institution dedicated to informing and strengthening policy. NBR conducts advanced independent research on strategic, political, economic, globalization, health, and energy issues affecting U.S. relations with Asia. Drawing upon an extensive network of the world’s leading specialists and leveraging the latest technology, NBR bridges the academic, business, and policy arenas. The institution disseminates its research through briefings, publications, conferences, Congressional testimony, and email forums, and by collaborating with leading institutions worldwide. NBR also provides exceptional internship opportunities to graduate and undergraduate students for the purpose of attracting and training the next generation of Asia specialists. NBR was started in 1989 with a major grant from the Henry M. Jackson Foundation. This report may be reproduced for personal use. Otherwise, the NBR Analysis may not be reproduced in full without the written permission of NBR. When information from NBR publications is cited or quoted, please cite the author and The National Bureau of Asian Research. NBR is a tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation under I.R.C. Sec. 501(c)(3), qualified to receive tax-exempt contributions.© 2005 by The National Bureau of Asian Research. Printed in the United States of America. For further information about NBR, contact: the national bureau of asian research 1414 ne 42nd street, suite 300 seattle, washington 98105 206-632-7370 phone 206-632-7487 fax e-mail ISBN 978-1-939131-22-5 the national bureau of asian research ...


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