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xi Acknowledgments It is impossible to name here the hundreds of Micronesians who have patiently borne my blunders as they taught me bit by bit to view life through their eyes. To them I dedicate this book, but with the warning that they may have to exercise their patience yet again if they read it. At the risk of offending unnamed others, let me mention here a few who have especially contributed. Euke Samuel, Vita Skilling, Angie Van Horn, and their families along with the people of Wonei and Paata who steered me through my early introduction to Chuukese culture deserve mention. Bishop Amando and his Micronesian diocesan priests have provided support and guidance throughout the years. On Pohnpei I had the privilege of living for a time with the families of Adalino Lorens and Kasi Kilmete, while others like Gus Kohler, Rufino Mauricio, and Canis Cantero repeatedly offered assistance as I tried to make sense of the culture. Bryan and Tasia Isaac welcomed me into their home time and again, as did Marcus and Maggie Samo. To all of them, and to so many others not named here, I am grateful. My older brother Jesuits—Bill McGarry, Jack Curran, Joe Cavanagh , and Dick Hoar, among others—have provided critical insights, a stockpile of stories, and strong encouragement when I faltered. Two deceased Micronesian Jesuits, Felix Yaoch and Apollo Thall, gave generously of their wisdom and provided a broad cultural bridge for me as for so many others. The community of anthropologists and others who have studied and written on the islands kindly offered me the fruits of their own labor. Bob Kiste, Mac Marshall, Glenn Petersen, Ken Rehg, David Hanlon, and Jay Dobbin instantly come to mind, but there are so many more. xii Acknowledgments Finally, I’d like to pay tribute to Elsa Veloso and Jason Aubuchon, as well as others on the Micronesian Seminar staff—including Sapna Urhekar, Liza Austria, and Erik Steffen—for their support in more ways than I can recall. To all of them and the many others who made this work possible, my profound thanks. I hope that I get at least some of it right here. If not, I accept the blame. ...