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Acknowledgments I would like to begin by expressing my deep gratitude and affection for two people without whom this project could never have taken place—Valentina Uspenskaia and Oktiabrina Cheremovskaia. Thanks too to Lena Gauveling, Lydia Zalesskaia, Anya Borodina, Natalia Mamchenkova, Lydia Gadzhieva, and other participants of Zhenskii Svet for their friendship and generous willingness to welcome me into their lives and participate in this project. Countless people in Russia deserve my gratitude for the support and assistance they extended to me during this research. In Tver’, I thank Nina Drozhdetskaia, Galina Tsarkova, Svetlana Konovalova, Tamara Kariakina, the faculty and staff of the Department of Sociology and Political Science at Tver’ State University, and the many participants of associations and clubs who generously found time to share insights on their work. I am grateful to the activists I spent time with in Moscow, Pskov, St. Petersburg, and at numerous conferences and workshops, particularly to Larisa Fedorova, Liza Bozhkova, Tatiana Klimenkova, Elena Kochkina, Elena Ershova, Elena Potapova, Marina Pisklakova, Sasha Kareva, Natalia Vasil’eva, and Elena Iablochkina. Thanks also to Gabbi Fitchett-Akimova, Kristen Hansen , Mary McAuley, and Dianne Post for sharing their perspectives on their work with Russian NGOs with me. Finally, I am grateful to my “old”Muscovite friends with whom I have shared so much: Alyosha Danilin, Lena Danilina, Katya Genieva, Slava Shishov, Malvina Elenbogen and Marat, Andrei Kremenchugsky , Gosha Khan, Kiril Gopius, and Natasha. Their friendship, warmth, and insights got me interested in the ¤rst place, have sustained me over the years, and kept me coming back. No less importantly, their networks provided the infrastructure that made these frequent return trips possible (invitations, jobs, accommodation). For this, I am eternally grateful. A number of institutions provided assistance through the different phases of this project. I am indebted to the Department of Anthropology at Cornell, the Cornell Graduate School, the Einaudi Center for International Studies, and the Cornell University Peace Studies Program, whose generous support made it possible for me to undertake research between 1997 and 1998 and to return to Russia at regular intervals. A predoctoral fellowship from the Mellon-Sawyer Democratic Detours seminar at Cornell provided me with a stimulating intellectual environment and ¤nancial support at a crucial stage of writing. At the University of Massachusetts, grants from the Provost’s Of¤ce on Service Learning and the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and the support of the European Field Studies Program in the Department of Anthropology enabled me to make return trips in 2004 and 2005; a fellowship from the Lilly Center for Teaching in 2003 granted me the most precious gift of all—release time to focus on writing. I have bene¤ted from generous feedback on this work from a number of friends and colleagues over the years. At Cornell, I was blessed with wonderful advisors; I’d like to express my gratitude to Davydd Greenwood, John Borneman , and Shelley Feldman, who provided guidance, direction, and critical insights from the beginning. I also thank Val Bunce, Aida Hozic, Matt Evangelista, Hector Schamis, Sidney Tarrow, and the members of my writers’ group, especially Sara Friedman, Thamora Fishel, Susan Hangen, Smita Lahiri, Eric White, and Neriko Musha-Doerr. Other friends and colleagues from whom I have bene¤ted greatly are David Ost, Cameron Ross, Peggy Watson, Hilary Pilkington , Nancy Ries, Bruce Grant, Nanette Funk, Julie De Sherbinin, James Richter, Janine Wedel, Joshua Roth, Beth Notar, Michelle Bigenho, and Barbara Yngvesson . Their support variously got me started, kept me on the right track, and encouraged me to keep going. A special and very warm thanks is due to Michele Rivkin-Fish, who has been a close and careful reader and a true friend throughout this project. At the University of Massachusetts, I have been blessed with wonderful colleagues who have been unwaveringly supportive through the latter phases of writing and through the grueling process of getting this work into print—thanks particularly to Ralph Faulkingham, Jackie Urla, Oriol PiSunyer , Enoch Page, David Samuels, Betsy Krause, Art Keene, Krista Harper, Lynnette Leidy Sievert, Elizabeth Chilton, Michael Sugerman, Julie Graham, Arlene Avakian, and Mary Deane Sorcinelli. The graduate students of my Spring 2006 seminar on feminist anthropology are due special thanks for their thoughtful engagement with this work as it went to press: Larissa Hopkins, Deborah Keisch, Milena Marchesi, Graciela Monteagudo, and Julie Skogsbergh. I’m especially grateful to my reviewers, Hilary Pilkington, Ann Snitow, and Elena Gapova, whose critical insights enabled me to substantially improve the...


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