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Acknowledgments In researchingandwritingthis book, I have benefited from the intellectual labor of scholars, the expertise and financial support of several institutions, and the encouragement of friends and family. Thomas Laqueur and Thomas Metcalf have been generous with their time and advice. I also would like to thank William Bynum and Roy Porter, who assisted me during my research in London. Peter Hoffenburg of the University of Hawaii and my UC Irvine colleagues Karl Hufbauer, Robert Moeller, and Daniel Schroeter read drafts of the manuscript and always provided constructive criticism for which I am immensely grateful. As research assistants, David Johnson and Sharlene Sayegh were generous with their time, uncommonly resourceful, and always supportive . Without the expertise of numerous librarians and archivists, this project would have been stillborn. I therefore want to thank the staffs at the University ofAberdeen, the Seamen's Hospital Society, the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, where the Manson Papers are housed; Mary Gibson, Ronald Ross Papers archivist ofthe School ofHygiene and Tropical Medicine, the University of London; the Public Record Office at Kew; the British Library; the Royal College of Physicians; the United States Library of Medicine; and the interlibrary loan department of the University of California, Irvine, for their collective patience and diligence on my behalf. The financial assistance and resources ofthe Department of History of the University of California, the Fulbright Foundation, the University of California President's Postdoctoral Program , and the UC Irvine School of the Humanities together enabled me to visit archives in England and Scotland and afforded me time to write. All of this effort would have come to naught without the support ofa capable editor. It has been mydistinct pleasure toworkwith Patricia Smith at the University ofPennsylvania Press. Of course, books are not written by families, but it would have been impossible for me to complete this one without the unconditional love of mymother and father, seven brothers and sister, and the sustainingintellectual collaboration and emotional support of my stunning spouse, Katrinka. ...


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