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215 Index Aber­ corn, James Ham­ il­ ton, first duke of, 142–43 Aber­ na­ thy, John, 172n122, 173n137 Act for the Set­ tling of Ire­ land (1652), 38, 170n89 Act of Ex­ pla­ na­ tion (1665), 38, 40 Act of Gen­ eral Par­ don and Obliv­ ion (1652), 37 Act of Set­ tle­ ment (1662), 40, 44, 58 Act of state, made by the Lords jus­ tices and coun­ cell of Ire­ land for the ob­ ser­ va­ tion of the three and twen­ ti­ eth day of Oc­ to­ ber ­ yeerly, to be a day of ­ Thanks-­ giving, 172nn123–24 Act of Union, 59, 60, 104 Acts and Mon­ u­ ments (Book of Mar­ tyrs) (Foxe), 24, 100, 151, 194n3 Acts and Or­ di­ nances of the Inter­ reg­ num (Firth and Rait), 170n83, 170n89 Adams, John, 100 Ad­ am­ son, John, 169n67 Agar, ­ Charles, ­ bishop of ­ Cashel, 53 agrar­ ian move­ ments, 54, 55, 56–57, 61, 184nn177–78 agrar­ ian un­ rest, and Land War, 131 Aken­ son, Don­ ald, 160, 185n205, 196n43 Al­ ex­ an­ der, Jef­ frey C., 195n8, 196n37 Al­ leged Mas­ sa­ cre of 1641, The (Webb), 131–32­ American Civil War, 130­ American Phil­ o­ soph­ i­ cal So­ ci­ ety, 145 An­ gli­ cans com­ memora­ tive ser­ mons, 44–45 Com­ mis­ sion for the De­ spoiled Sub­ ject, 10 Irish bish­ op­ rics, 48­ Anglo-Normans, 5, 120–21­ anti-Catholicism, in Brit­ ain, 47–48, 52, 127­ anti-Catholic pub­ li­ ca­ tions, 6–7, 52–53 anti­ quar­ ian­ ism, 82, 88, 93, 131, 145–46, 180n68 An­ trim, Ran­ dal Mac­ Don­ nell, mar­ quis of, 79 Aph­ o­ ris­ mi­ cal Dis­ cov­ ery of Trea­ son­ able Fac­ tion (R.S.), 73–74 Ard­ pa­ trick, ­ county Lime­ rick, 61 Ar­ magh, 4, 23, 26, 56, 103 Arm­ strong, Rob­ ert, 170n93 as­ cen­ dancy, Prot­ es­ tant, 53, 68, 97, 98, 101, 131, 134, 151 Bag­ nell, ­ George and Phin­ eas (book­ sell­ ers), 54 Bag­ well, Rich­ ard, 140, 192n151 Bal­ lad ­ Poetry of Ire­ land (Gavan Duffy), 109, 185nn211–12 bal­ lads, 60, 64, 109–10, 185nn211–13 Ban­ don, ­ county Cork, 141­ Bantry, ­ county Cork, 24­ Barkely, Al­ ex­ an­ der, 56, 175nn192–93 Bar­ nard, Toby, 16, 17, 36–37, 46 Bar­ ring­ ton, Jonah, 56 Barry, Mat­ thew, 9 Bar­ ry­ more, ­ county Cork, 24 Bart­ lett, ­ Thomas, 172n117, 172n120, 174n184 Bat­ tle of the Boyne, 46, 153, 161 Bax­ ter, Rich­ ard, 49 Beau­ mont, Gus­ tave de, 14, 165n33 Beck­ ett, J.C., 13, 145, 193n179­ Beiner, Guy, 16, 165n28, 166n40 216 Index Bel­ fast, 130 de­ bate on Boun­ dary Com­ mis­ sion, 144 loy­ al­ ist mural, 154, 155 Bel­ lings, Rich­ ard, 76, 178n33, 179n36 Bel­ tur­ bet, ­ county Cavan, 6, 25 Ber­ gen op Zoom, 81 Ber­ man, David, 181n96 Ber­ wick, James Stu­ art Fitz­ james, sec­ ond duke of, 29 Bisse, ­ Philip, arch­ dea­ con of ­ Cloyne, 10 Black­ stock, Allan, 176n223­ Bloody Brae, The (He­ witt), 159–60, 196n41­ Bloody ­ Bridge, and Other ­ Papers Re­ lat­ ing to the In­ sur­ rec­ tion of 1641, The (Fitz­ pa­ trick), 137, 191n134 Boate, Ger­ ard, 166n42 Bod­ leian Li­ brary, Ox­ ford, 117 Book of Com­ mon ­ Prayer, 45, 47 Booy, David, 168n35 Boran, El­ i­ zab­ e­ thanne, 194n8 Bor­ lase, Ed­ mund, 49, 78, 171nn108–9 and ­ Curry’s inter­ pre­ ta­ tion, 84–85, 87 His­ tory of the Ex­ e­ crable Irish Re­ bel­ lion, The, 41–42, 49, 171nn106–7­ source for Cath­ a­ rine Ma­ cau­ lay, 51 Bor­ lase, Sir John (lord jus­ tice), 21–22, 33, 41, 87, 111­ O’Connell’s view of, 101, 102 Bot­ ti­ gheimer, Karl, 12, 178n31 Boun­ dary Com­ mis­ sion, 144 Boyle, James, 108 Boyne, bat­ tle of, 46, 153, 161 Boyse, Jo­ seph, 173n136 Brady, Cia­ ran, 118, 165nn28–29, 187n18 Bren­ nan, Niamh, 192n162 Brief Ac­ count from the Most Au­ then­ tic Prot­ es­ tant Writ­ ers of the ­ Causes Mo­ tives, and Mis­ chiefs of the Irish Re­ bel­ lion on the 23rd Day of Oc­ to­ ber 1641, A (Curry), 81, 83–84 Brin­ dley, James (book­ seller), 53–54 Brit­ ish Co­ lo­ nial Of­ fice, 141 Brog­ hill, Roger Boyle, baron, 36, 79 See also Or­ rery, Roger Boyle, earl of­ Brooke, ­ William, 154, 195n11 Bruns­ wick...


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