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xi Ac­ knowl­ edg­ ments Most of the re­ search and and much of the writ­ ing of this book took place under the aus­ pices of a Govern­ ment of Ire­ land fel­ low­ ship held at the Moore In­ sti­ tute, Na­ tional Uni­ ver­ sity of Ire­ land, Gal­ way. Ear­ lier ver­ sions of parts of the text have been pub­ lished as “‘Facts Newly ­ Stated’: John Curry, the 1641 Re­ bel­ lion, andCath­ o­ licRe­ vi­ sion­ ismin­ Eighteenth-CenturyIre­ land,1747–80,”­ Éire-Ireland: An Inter­ dis­ ci­ pli­ nary Jour­ nal of Irish Stud­ ies 44, no. 3–4 (Fall/Win­ ter 2009): 248–77; “Wal­ ter ­ Love’s ‘Bloody ­ Massacre’: An Un­ fin­ ished Study in Irish Cul­ tural His­ tory, 1641–1963,” Pro­ ceed­ ings of the Royal Irish Acad­ emy 110C (2010): 217–37; and “Prot­ es­ tant Inter­ ests? The 1641 Re­ bel­ lion and State For­ ma­ tion in Early Mod­ ern Ire­ land,” His­ tor­ i­ cal Re­ search 84 (Feb. 2011): 67–86. I would like to thank, re­ spec­ tively, the Irish ­ American Cul­ tural In­ sti­ tute, the Royal Irish Acad­ emy, and the In­ sti­ tute of His­ tor­ i­ cal Re­ search for per­ mis­ sion to re­ pro­ duce this ma­ te­ rial. I would also like to thank the Board of the Brit­ ish Li­ brary, the Board of the Na­ tional Li­ brary of Ire­ land, the Board of Trin­ ity Col­ lege Dub­ lin, Dub­ lin City­ Archives, and the Hon­ our­ able So­ ci­ ety of ­ King’s Inns for per­ mis­ sion to quote from un­ pub­ lished ma­ te­ rial in their pos­ ses­ sion. On a per­ sonal level, a num­ ber of peo­ ple made my life much ­ easier in the­ course of work­ ing on this book, most es­ pe­ cially Nich­ o­ las Canny, Car­ mel Con­ nolly, Emily Cul­ len, Eamon Darcy, Kevin For­ kan, Ted McCor­ mick, Ed­ ward Mad­ i­ gan, Chris­ to­ pher Ma­ ginn, Brian ÓCon­ chu­ bair, Grace ­ O’Keefe, Kate ­ O’Malley, Orla Power, and Jim Smyth, who all pro­ vided en­ cour­ age­ ment and sup­ port of one kind or an­ other. Karl Bot­ ti­ gheimer gen­ er­ ously re­ sponded to my query about the late Wal­ ter Love. Aidan ­ Clarke, Chris­ to­ pher Fox, and Hiram Mor­ gan pro­ vided me with un­ pub­ lished ma­ te­ rial. I nat­ u­ rally wish to thank the ­ staffs of the var­ i­ ous li­ brar­ ies that I used in the ­ course of my re­ search, but I ­ should sin­ gle out Aedin Clem­ ents (Notre Dame), Kie­ ran Hoare (Na­ tional Uni­ ver­ sity of Ire­ land, Gal­ way), and Gerry Kav­ a­ nagh (Na­ tional Li­ brary of xii Acknowledgments Ire­ land) for going above and be­ yond the call of duty. El­ i­ zab­ e­ thanne Boran, Eamon Darcy, Kevin For­ kan, Brian Han­ ley, Jason ­ McHugh, James McCon­ nel, Robin Usher, and Kevin Whe­ lan pro­ vided me with all kinds of ar­ cane ref­ er­ ences and ­ sources. Bren­ dan Kane fur­ nished me with a copy of a use­ ful book and Jane Ohl­ meyer ­ kindly sub­ mit­ ted to an inter­ view. Tommy Gra­ ham ex­ tended in­ vi­ ta­ tions to dis­ cuss the topic be­ fore au­ di­ ences in Let­ ter­ kenny, Derry, the Na­ tional Li­ brary of Ire­ land, and the ­ Electric Pic­ nic in Strad­ bally; Mi­ cheal ÓSiochrú in­ vited me to speak to an­ other au­ di­ ence at Trin­ ity Col­ lege Dub­ lin. Guy ­ Beiner com­ mented on the intro­ duc­ tion, and Aidan ­ Clarke pro­ vided me with a fo­ ren­ sic com­ men­ tary on an ear­ lier ver­ sion of the man­ u­ script, ­ thereby im­ prov­ ing it im­ mea­ sur­ ably. James S. Don­ nelly ­ nudged it to­ ward the fin­ ish­ ing line with ex­ em­ plary pa­ tience. ­ Eileen O’Neill prepared the index. Breandán Mac ­ Suibhne de­ serves some ­ credit for the title ­ whether he likes it or not. I can only apol­ o­ gize to any col­ leagues or ­ friends whose as­ sis­ tance I have for­ got­ ten. Fi­ nally, I owe pro­ found debts to my fam­ ily and, last but never least, to Liza Co­ stello. The ­ Shadow of...


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