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The ­ Shadow of a Year His­ tory of Ire­ land and the Irish Di­ as­ pora se­ ries ed­ i­ tors James S. Don­ nelly, Jr.­ Thomas Arch­ dea­ con The Shadow of a Year The 1641 Re­ bel­ lion in Irish His­ tory and Mem­ ory John Gib­ ney The Uni­ ver­ sity of Wis­ con­ sin Press Pub­ li­ ca­ tion of this vol­ ume has been made pos­ sible, in part,­ through sup­ port from the Anon­ y­ mous Fund of the Col­ lege of Let­ ters and Sci­ ence at the Uni­ ver­ sity of Wis­ con­ sin–Mad­ i­ son. The Uni­ ver­ sity of Wis­ con­ sin Press 1930 Mon­ roe ­ Street, 3rd Floor Mad­ i­ son, Wis­ con­ sin 53711-2059 uw­ 3 Hen­ rietta ­ Street Lon­ don WC2E 8LU, En­ gland eu­ ros­ pan­ book­ Copy­ right © 2013 The Board of Re­ gents of the Uni­ ver­ sity of Wis­ con­ sin ­ System All ­ rights re­ served. No part of this pub­ li­ ca­ tion may be re­ pro­ duced, ­ stored in a re­ trieval ­ system, or trans­ mit­ ted, in any for­ mat or by any means, dig­ i­ tal, elec­ tronic, me­ chan­ i­ cal, photo­ cop­ y­ ing, re­ cord­ ing, or oth­ er­ wise, or con­ veyed via the Inter­ net or a web­ site with­ out writ­ ten per­ mis­ sion of the Uni­ ver­ sity of Wis­ con­ sin Press, ex­ cept in the case of brief quo­ ta­ tions em­ bed­ ded in crit­ i­ cal ar­ ti­ cles and re­ views.­ Printed in the ­ United ­ States of Amer­ ica Li­ brary of Con­ gress ­ Cataloging-in-Publication Data Gib­ ney, John, 1976– The ­ shadow of a year: the 1641 re­ bel­ lion in Irish his­ tory and mem­ ory / John Gib­ ney. p.   cm.—(His­ tory of Ire­ land and the Irish di­ as­ pora) In­ cludes bib­ lio­ graph­ i­ cal ref­ er­ ences and index. ISBN 978-0-299-28954-6 (pbk.: alk. paper) ISBN 978-0-299-28953-9 (e-book) 1. Ire­ land—His­ tory—Re­ bel­ lion of 1641—Historiog­ ra­ phy. 2. Ire­ land—Historiog­ ra­ phy.   I. Title. II. Se­ ries: His­ tory of Ire­ land and the Irish di­ as­ pora. DA943.G42    2013 941.506—dc23 2012010169 I ad­ mired the his­ to­ ries of the late Pro­ fes­ sor J. C. Beck­ ett, es­ pe­ cially the clar­ ity of his writ­ ing, and when we met and I told him so, he was glad. As he ­ thanked me, he re­ marked, “Of ­ course, ­ they’re prej­ u­ diced,” with a very sly twin­ kle. What this has al­ ways ­ seemed to me to imply is that there is no such thing as a “true” his­ tory. Each is a ver­ sion of what has taken place, and every­ body who ­ writes is com­ ing from some­ where. John McGah­ ern ...


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