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Acknowledgments This study of African Americans and the Union Navy would not have been possible without the assistance and encouragement of many persons . Over the past fifteen years I was fortunate to have access to the resources and advice of librarians at the Alexander Library at Rutgers University, the Firestone Library at Princeton University, the Pennsylvania Historical Society, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Following my relocation from New Jersey to California, I enjoyed the resources of the Huntington Library in San Marino, the Honnold Mudd Library of the Claremont Colleges, the E. P. Foster Library of Ventura, and Thousand Oaks Library. The thoughtful criticism and valuable suggestions made by Craig Symonds and Joseph P. Reidy, who read the manuscript several times, contributed immeasurably to this study. I am deeply grateful to my daughter Brooke Tomblin for assisting me in research at the Library of Congress; to Montgomery Wolf for research at Duke University; to Brie Davidge for research in Charleston, South Carolina; and to Kevin Leonard at the Naval Historical Center and National Archives. My gratitude also goes to the editorial staff of the University Press of Kentucky, especially to Steve Wrinn and Anne Dean Watkins. I owe special appreciation to my sister Liz Day and her husband Ray for their support and the use of their Palm Desert home, where I spent many hours writing and rewriting this book, and to Rose-el Richardson, Gloria Brooks, and Vandra Lloyd at Caribella in Anguilla. During the years of working on this study I have been blessed, and I sincerely thank my son-in-law James Marca for his computer expertise and my daughter Page and her husband Dan Wilson, who continue to indulge my love of history and to offer encouragement, computer advice, and moral support . As always, my husband Fred was patient and ever ready to assist with myriad technical details. Finally, I hope that someday this book will help my grandchildren, Grace and Emma Tomblin Marca and Theo and Miles Wilson, to understand the contribution of African Americans to the Union cause and to the cause of freedom. viii Acknowledgments ...


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