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Acknowledgments First and foremost, I would like to thank Christina Scott, daughter of Christopher Dawson and executor of his literary estate, for taking a chance on an amateur scholar and for allowing me to undertake this project. Her excellent biography of her father, A Historian and His World, has been extremely helpful, and her suggestions and advice for this project were invaluable. Annette Kirk was of great help in discussing the project with me while I stayed at her home during the summer of 1995, and in sharing the interest she and her late husband, Dr. Russell Kirk, had in Christopher Dawson. David McGonagle and Susan Needham of The Catholic University of America Press have been patient and understanding in helping me to prepare this volume. I would also like to thank John Connelly, of Regis High School in New York City, for introducing me to Dawson; his advice on this and other projects has always been to the point and a spur to further reflection. I am grateful to the following for their suggestions and comments on earlier drafts of this Introduction: Mitchell Muncy, Gregory Doolan, William Fahey, Adam Schwartz, and my wife, Alexandra. Their patience in listening ad nauseam to my thoughts on this project is greatly appreciated. Any mistakes or omissions are, of course, mine alone. Finally, thanks are due to the editors of Crisis and Commonweal , who allowed me to explore some themes of Dawson's work in the pages of their journals. xxxiii ...


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