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vii Illustrations Following page 32 Lt. David Ingalls The FirstYale Unit in Florida for training, spring 1917 F. Trubee Davison, founder of the FirstYale Unit Artemus “Di” Gates of theYale Unit, with Curtiss F Boat Members of the FirstYale Unit relaxing in Florida 000 Di Gates’s Number 7 crew with Curtiss F Boat in Florida Crew readying Curtiss F Boat training aircraft Lt. Eddie McDonnell and Col. Lewis Thompson in Florida TheYale Unit gathered for muster in Florida TheYale Unit in Huntington, NewYork, June 1917 F Boats and a twin-float R-6 at Huntington Bay Members of theYale Unit hauling a Curtiss R-6 trainer/scout aircraft out of the water Ensign Ingalls in his new uniform, early September 1917 The SS Philadelphia (former City of Paris) Navy gun crews drilling aboard Philadelphia, summer 1917 Following page 134 Ingalls shortly after landing in England U.S. Navy facility at Moutchic FBA flying boat Robert “Bob” Lovett of the First Yale Unit Capt. Hutch I. Cone, director of naval aviation activities in Europe Avro 504 trainer Two Avro 504 trainers after a collision, winter 1917–18 Ken MacLeish Sopwith Camel Upended Camel after a training accident viii Illustrations Following page 178 Hand-drawn map of Dunkirk harbor by Lt. Kenneth Whiting Lt. Godfrey Chevalier, CO at NAS Dunkirk George Moseley Yale Unit veteran SamuelWalker on a visit to Dunkirk,with Di Gates Hanriot-Dupont scout being lowered into the water by derrick at Dunkirk U.S. Navy station at Dunkirk after a German raid in late April 1918 Seawall at NAS Dunkirk with Hanriot-Dupont scouts Ingalls, Ken MacLeish, and “Shorty” Smith at the Bergues aerodrome, April 1918 Following page 278 Ingalls with John T.“Skinny” Lawrence and acquaintance in Paris, May 1918 Breguet 14B.2 at Clermont-Ferrand Observer/machine gunner Randall R. Browne of the First Aeronautic Detachment DH9 day bomber Aerial reconnaissance photograph of the dockyards and submarine pens at Bruges Capt. David Hanrahan, Northern Bombing Group commander, with officers Chateau at St. Inglevert, a point of rendezvous for members of the Yale Unit Ingalls in Flanders, possibly during duty with Northern Bombing Group, July–August 1918 Ingalls with 213 Squadron mates,August 1918 Following page 308 U.S. Navy’s Flight Department at Eastleigh Warrant Officers Einar “Dep” Boydler and William “Bill” Miller at Eastleigh Warrant Officer William “Bill” Miller with Liberty motor–powered DH9a day bomber Randall Browne and crew members at Eastleigh ix Illustrations Ingalls with fellow officer at Eastleigh Members of senior officer corps of Eastleigh at armistice Ingalls with enlisted personnel of the Flight Department of Eastleigh at the end of the war RMS Mauretania Following page 334 Ingalls with Admiral H.V. Butler in San Diego, 1929 ...


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