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This manuscript has benefitted from the generosity and help of many people and institutions. One of the pleasures of writing this book is taking the opportunity to thank them. My interest in Mira Lloyd Dock originated in 2001 during my time as a Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission Scholar-in-Residence at the Pennsylvania State Archives. The entire Archives staff made this experience stimulating, productive, and pleasurable. Since 2001, Pennsylvania State archivists have continued to support my work. Linda Ries has alerted me to newly acquired manuscript and government record collections, while Mike Sherbon has helped me secure permission to publish historic photographs. Shippensburg University has also been generous in support of this project. The Center for Faculty Excellence in Scholarship and Teaching awarded me two travel grants to pursue research at the Library of Congress and Harvard University, respectively. A University Research and Scholarship Program grant in 2008 gave me precious time to complete a draft of the manuscript. During my research trips throughout the eastern United States, numerous archivists and historical society volunteers shared their time and expertise, as well as their institutions’ material. I would particularly like to thank the staff at the General Federation of Women’s Clubs Archives in Washington, D.C. Morgan Davis, Suzanne Gould, and Nicole Zarcfosskilm assisted me during a 2004 research trip, and Danielle Snyder and Erica Sterling did the same in 2006. Cara Holtry, librarian at the Cumberland County Historical Society in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and Connie Smith, an officer in the New Brighton, Pennsylvania Historical Society, have likewise been extremely helpful. My colleagues in both the History and Philosophy Department and Geography Department at Shippensburg University have also been supportive of my work. Faculty emerita Dr. Vera Blinn Reber generously shared her expertise on the history of tuberculosis, as well as leads on relevant archives and secondary literature. Dr. Claire Jantz invited me to present at a Geography Department Brown Bag Luncheon, enabling me to discuss my research with colleagues well versed in environmental issues. Dr. Allen DieterichWard ’s advice and counsel have been invaluable. Allen helped me track down environmental history sources and read earlier drafts of the manuscript. He acknowledgments 00front_Layout 1 10/22/2012 11:21 Page xi was instrumental in securing my invitation to give the inaugural lecture for the South Mountain Partnership. The Partnership has also been helpful in generating interest in Mira Lloyd Dock and the history of conservation in Pennsylvania as it confronts twenty-first century environmental challenges. George Pomeroy, interim executive director of the Institute for Public Service at Shippensburg University, Michael Eschenmann from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation of Natural Resources, and Kim Williams of the Appalachian Trail Commission have spearheaded this valuable initiative. Over the past decade, I have had numerous opportunities to speak about my research at venues throughout Pennsylvania. Preparation for these lectures and dialogue with audience members helped me strengthen my analysis and sharpen my communication skills. Serving as a Pennsylvania Humanities Council Commonwealth Speaker in 2002–3 and 2010–11 was particularly useful. The Cumberland Valley Women’s Consortium, the Pennsylvania Historical Association, the American Society of Environmental History, and a number of local and regional Pennsylvania historical societies and women’s groups have also afforded me opportunities to share my work with the public. Elizabeth Blum and Nancy Unger reviewed an earlier draft of this manuscript . Their insightful comments and suggestions were invaluable as I made revisions. Shippensburg University graduate assistants Patty Hay, Austyn Shaul, Virginia Chastek, Ashton Farrell, and Ashley Abruzzo also read drafts, shared their impressions of the book, and corrected the inevitable stylistic and mechanical errors. Kathryn Yahner, acquisitions editor at Pennsylvania State University Press, made the editorial process flow smoothly with her efficient, friendly, and competent assistance. Most of all I would like to thank my family for their love, support, and encouragement during this process. Even though my father, Francis Rimby, was suffering from a debilitating illness, he took interest and pride in this research project prior to his death in 2007. My mother, Esther Rimby, continues to support this book, as she has supported all of my professional endeavors . I was thrilled that both she and my sister, Kathy Williams, attended my “Housekeeping Out of Doors” lecture in Reading, Pennsylvania, on August 8, 2010. My son, John Leighow, housed me on research trips to western Pennsylvania, and my cousin, Lori Pujol, provided transportation during my visits to archives in the District of Columbia. Both my son and future daughter...


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