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xi Acknowledgments We are grateful to many extraordinary individuals who offered their insights into this project in many stages. We thank our former colleagues from the University of Minnesota, Jane Gilgun and Kyoungho Kim, for their support in the project’s initial formation and implementation. At UCLA, Jorja Leap, Stuart Kirk, and Zeke Hasenfeld offered us wonderful advice for constructing a book proposal. At Portland State, we thank Harold Briggs and Vikki Vandiver for the wisdom they offered in the early formation of the prospectus. We are extremely grateful for the keen intellect of our colleague and friend Laura Curran, who offered a lovingly critical review of the full manuscript and helped us to clarify and sharpen our ideas. Our research assistants, Susanna Curry (UCLA) and Stephanie Brockett (PSU), offered invaluable help with research, careful proofreading, and formatting of the final manuscript. At Rutgers University Press, we are indebted to Peter Mickulas for his sensitive stewardship of this book from prospectus to publication, to Raymond J. Michalowski, editor of the series on Critical Issues in Crime and Society, and to our external reviewers who gave us positive direction for the project. To Mike Males, we offer our thanks for holding us to a higher standard and endorsing this project from the very beginning. There are also many friends and family members who supported us from beginning to end. From Laura: many, many thanks to my husband, Owen Fighter, and my sons, Eli and Noah, for continued inspiration and joy as well as time to complete this book. To my parents Richard and Jane Abrams and my sister Beth Abrams, I appreciate all of your love and support. Thanks to my wonderful colleagues at UCLA for intellectual community and friendship; to my graduate students and qualitative research seminar participants at UCLA for encouraging me to pursue this book; and my many caring and loyal friends who have supported me throughout my career and life transitions. From Ben: So much love and gratitude goes to my family, most specifically to my partner, Michael, and our powerful and dynamic daughter, Sophie. To my PSU friends and colleagues—Stephanie Wahab, Jana Acknowledgments xii Meinhold, Melissa Penners, Del Quest, and Joseph DeFilippis—you’ve tolerated a lot from me over the past many months, and I’m grateful for it. And finally, to the students who got less from me during this process because my attention was unevenly divided, thanks for being patient. Last, we wish to acknowledge our funders at several stages of the project: the Agricultural Experiment Station and the Faculty Senate at the University of Minnesota and the Lois and Samuel Silberman Fund. Compassionate Confinement ...


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