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Acknowledgments This book would not have been possible without the energy and enthusiasm of the members of the Universities Consortium on Columbia River Governance who planned and carried out the 2009 Symposium on Transboundary Governance in the Face of Uncertainty:The Columbia River Treaty. Funding for the symposium was provided by the University of Idaho College of Law and the Thomas Foley Institute at Washington State University. In 2009 the Consortium members were: University of Idaho, Barbara Cosens; University of Montana, Matthew McKinney; Washington State University, Edward Weber; Oregon State University,Aaron Wolf and Lynette deSilva; and University of British Columbia, Richard Paisley. The Consortium has since grown to include Craig Thomas, Alan Hamlet, and Lara Whitely Binder at the University ofWashington, Nigel Bankes at the University of Calgary, and Sarah Bates at the University of Montana, who have all contributed to continuing efforts to provide a neutral forum for a cross-border dialogue on the Columbia River Treaty. Nicholas Sackman,Water Resources graduate student and law student at the University of Idaho, provided invaluable help both with the logistics of the symposium and editing the contributions to this book.These acknowledgments would not be complete without expressing my deep gratitude to my husband, Eugene Allwine, for his constant support throughout this project. Finally, a heartfelt thank you to the peoples of the Columbia River Basin whose vision and hope for the future serve as a constant reminder of the power of a collaborative dialogue. Barbara Cosens ...


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