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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I n the course of completing this work, I have been fortunate to have had the help and cooperation of a great many people—all of whom kindly gave their time and effort to answer my many questions. Firstly, I would like to thank Dr. John Butcher and Professor Nick Knight, my colleagues at Griffith University, for all their generous advice, support, and patience. Both always were ready and willing to give excellent guidance and advice, moral support, and a great deal of their time to help out in whatever way they could. I also would like to acknowledge the invaluable help I received from Dr. William Aron, Dr. Ray Gambell, and Professor Milton Freeman. Each very kindly read various drafts and gave excellent comments and advice that, in addition to always being insightful and clearly explained, made my efforts at charting a course through the many events and issues that make up the IWC’s history far more manageable. I also am indebted to the numerous other people who spent some of their valuable time answering my e-mails and, in many cases, meeting with me personally to discuss my research and answer questions. In this regard, there are many to whom I am greatly obliged, but I would like to mention in particular Greg Donovan, Martin Harvey, Professor Doug Butterworth , John Bannister, Dr. Peter Best, Dr. Jeff Breiwick, and Dr. Doug DeMaster in order to express my deep appreciation for their very kind interest in my research. A special vote of thanks also is due to the staff at the IWC office in Histon and the Institute of Cetacean Research in Tokyo who kindly made their libraries available to me and helped track down many important sources. Julie Creek and Cherry Allison at the IWC office, and also Mitsuyoshi Murakami and Dan Goodman at the Institute of Cetacean Research, IX were all more than helpful in this regard and to each I offer a very sincere “thank you.” The IWC and University of California Press both have allowed me to adapt and reproduce tables and maps from their publications in this work, and I would like to acknowledge their generous support . Equally appreciated is the excellent support I received from the Griffith Asia Institute in preparing the final manuscript, in particular from Professor Michael Wesley and Robyn White, and also from the editorial and production staff at the University of Washington Press; I especially would like to thank Jacqueline Ettinger for all her wonderful support and guidance. There are numerous other people who also deserve mention, but unfortunately space does not allow for this here. However, the names of all the people who kindly took time to answer my questions, either through correspondence or interviews, are listed in the bibliography. Needless to say, any omissions or errors that remain in this study are my own. Last, but certainly not least, I would like to say a very big “thank you” (and “sorry”) to my wife Kazu and our two children, Alexi and Jake, for putting up with me and for being so supportive of my efforts to research and write this book. Without their great patience, love, and support, none of this would have been possible. michael heazle December 2005 X ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ...


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