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Acknowledgments This book has roots in a long-ago dissertation, and I owe thanks to my dissertation committee, Hal Foster, Susan Buck-Morss, and Mark Seltzer, as well as to Peter Hohendahl and David Bathrick. I remain grateful to Hal Foster that he encouraged his graduate students to find their own areas of interest and their own voices. Too many other colleagues , friends, and other commentators have subsequently informed my thinking (or fed me in various other ways), for me to name them all. Particular and heartfelt thanks are due, though, to Rachel Haidu, Janet Kraynak, Miwon Kwon, Helen Molesworth, Judith Rodenbeck, and Anne Wagner. My parents, Gill and Gerry West, and my sister, Georgia Graham, have always supported and sustained me, as more recently have many Kellers and Millers, especially Andrea. Most of all, my simplest thanks and love to Alexandra Keller, and to our children, Ava and Max Keller-West, who make everything worthwhile. Earlier versions of sections of this book have appeared elsewhere. Material in Chapter 1 is based on my chapter, ‘‘The Fantasy of Privacy: Performance after Minimalism,’’ in Jonathan Harris, ed., Dead History, Live Art? Spectacle, Subjectivity and Subversion in Visual Culture since the 1960s (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2007), and is used with the permission of Liverpool University Press. Ideas in Chapter 2 were broached in ‘‘Vito Acconci: In Public and Private,’’ in Vito Acconci (London : Phaidon Press, 2002). Material in Chapter 3 expands on my essay, ‘‘Gray Zone: Watching Shoot,’’ October 95, Winter 2001. Material in Chapter 4 expands on ‘‘Marina Abramovi¢: Approaching Zero,’’ in Anna Dezeuze, ed., The ‘‘Do-It-Yourself’’ Artwork: Participation in Art from Fluxus to Relational Aesthetics (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2010). Chapter 5 develops my essay ‘‘Alien Duration: Tehching Hsieh 1978–1999,’’ published by the College Art Association in the Fall 2006 edition of Art Journal. My thanks to the editors and publishers , especially Anna Dezeuze, Joe Hannan, and Jonathan Harris. no innocent bystanders ...


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