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no innocent bystanders Interfaces studies in visual culture editors: mark j. williams & adrian w. b. randolph, dartmouth college This series, sponsored by Dartmouth College Press, develops and promotes the study of visual culture from a variety of critical and methodological perspectives. Its impetus derives from the increasing importance of visual signs in everyday life, and from the rapid expansion of what are termed “new media.” The broad cultural and social dynamics attendant to these developments present new challenges and opportunities across and within the disciplines. These have resulted in a transdisciplinary fascination with all things visual, from “high” to “low,” and from esoteric to popular. This series brings together approaches to visual culture—broadly conceived—that assess these dynamics critically and that break new ground in understanding their effects and implications. For a complete list of books that are available in the series, visit Frazer Ward, No Innocent Bystanders: Performance Art and Audience Timothy Scott Barker, Time and the Digital: Connecting Technology, Aesthetics, and a Process Philosophy of Time Bernd Herzogenrath, ed., Travels in Intermedia[lity]: ReBlurring the Boundaries Monica E. McTighe, Framed Spaces: Photography and Memory in Contemporary Installation Art Alison Trope, Stardust Monuments: The Saving and Selling of Hollywood Nancy Anderson and Michael R. Dietrich, eds., The Educated Eye: Visual Culture and Pedagogy in the Life Sciences Shannon Clute and Richard L. Edwards, The Maltese Touch of Evil: Film Noir and Potential Criticism Steve F. Anderson, Technologies of History: Visual Media and the Eccentricity of the Past Dorothée Brill, Shock and the Senseless in Dada and Fluxus Janine Mileaf, Please Touch: Dada and Surrealist Objects after the Readymade J. Hoberman, Bridge of Light: Yiddish Film between Two Worlds, updated and expanded edition Erina Duganne, The Self in Black and White: Race and Subjectivity in Postwar American Photography No Innocent performance art and audience Frazer Ward dartmouth college press hanover, new hampshire Bystanders dartmouth college press An imprint of University Press of New England ∫ 2012 Trustees of Dartmouth College All rights reserved Manufactured in the United States of America Designed by Eric M. Brooks Typeset in Calluna and Calluna Sans by Keystone Typesetting, Inc. University Press of New England is a member of the Green Press Initiative. The paper used in this book meets their minimum requirement for recycled paper. For permission to reproduce any of the material in this book, contact Permissions, University Press of New England, One Court Street, Suite 250, Lebanon NH 03766; or visit Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Ward, Frazer. No innocent bystanders: performance art and audience / Frazer Ward. p. cm. — (Interfaces: studies in visual culture) Includes bibliographical references and index. isbn 978-1-61168-334-9 (cloth: alk. paper) — isbn 978-1-61168-335-6 (pbk.: alk. paper) — isbn 978-1-61168-336-3 (ebook) 1. Performance art. 2. Performing arts—Audiences. I. Title. nx456.5.p38w37 2012 709.04%0755—dc23 2012014978 5 4 3 2 1 ..... For Alex ...


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