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Contents 1 Introduction: Trading Zones, Interactional Expertise, and Collaboration 1 Michael E. Gorman I Theory 5 2 Trading Zones and Interactional Expertise 7 Harry Collins, Robert Evans, and Michael E. Gorman 3 Trading with the Enemy 25 Peter Galison 4 Interactional Expertise and the Imitation Game 53 Robert Evans and Harry Collins II Applying Trading Zones and Interactional Expertise to Domains of Practice 71 5 Service Science: A New Expertise for Managing Sociotechnical Systems 75 Michael E. Gorman and Jim Spohrer 6 From Wizards to Trading Zones: Crossing the Chasm of Computers in Scientific Collaboration 107 Jeff Shrager 7 Authenticity, Earth Systems Engineering and Management, and the Limits of Trading Zones in the Era of the Anthropogenic Earth 125 Brad Allenby 8 The Evolution of a Trading Zone: A Case Study of the Turtle Excluder Device 157 Lekelia D. Jenkins 9 A Network States Approach for Mapping System Changes 181 Matthew M. Mehalik viii Contents 10 Embedding the Humanities in Engineering: Art, Dialogue, and a Laboratory 209 Erik Fisher and Roop L. Mahajan 11 Can Trading Zones and Interactional Expertise Benefit Business Strategy? 231 Bolko von Oetinger III Ethics and Trading Zones 243 12 Using Trading Zones to Prevent Normalized Deviance in Organizations 245 Michael E. Gorman and Patricia H. Werhane 13 Viewing Trading Zones Developed to Advance Health as Complex Adaptive Systems 265 Ann E. Mills, Mary V. Rorty, Lynn Isabella, and Donna T. Chen 14 Creating Trading Zones across Continents and Economies: The Female Health Company 281 Mary Ann Leeper, Elizabeth Powell, and Patricia H. Werhane 15 Conclusion: Future Research on Trading Zones and Interactional Expertise 289 Michael E. Gorman Index 297 ...


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