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QUICK PICKS Use this section to find the group that most closely matches your specimens or interests, and then go directly to the pages indicated for species identifications. Since some groups share many of the same general characteristics, the right match may not be found on the first try. Remember that this guide does not cover many of the less widely distributed members of some of these groups, so you should not expect to find a perfect match. The anatomical figures, ID Hints, and features on the plate illustrations in the sections that most closely match your choices should help you to determine whether your specimen has the key characteristics to place it in that category. 1. Small protozoans, usually 3 pairs of jointed appendages ; head end usually with antennae; tail end usually forked. With a bivalved shell, often enclosing most of the appendages. BARNACLE CYPRID p. 136 CLADOCERAN p. 138 OSTRACOD p. 138 Firm, helmet-like, main body with eyes and one or more prominent spines on top or sides; rest of body usually curled with many small segments and prominent tail flap. DECAPOD CRAB ZOEAE p. 218 3 pairs of jointed appendages. with horns BARNACLE NAUPLIUS p. 136 Large branched antennae CLADOCERAN p. 138. COPEPODS p. 148 without horns COPEPOD NAUPLIUS p. 148 QUICK PICKS 53 5. Larger crustaceans usually > 1.5 mm; prominent eyes and jointed appendages with bristle-like setae Firm, elongate, barrel-like main body with or without spine between eyes; usually spines elsewhere on carapace; rest of body relatively straight with many sections and prominent tail flap and tail fin; no internal spherical organ at base of tail fins (see mysids below). DECAPOD SHRIMP LARVAE p. 218 Elongate, barrel-like main body without prominent spines; rest of body with many sections; tail flap present; inner tail fins each have an internal spherical organ (inset) that is lacking in decapod shrimps. MYSID SHRIMPS p. 184 Box-like main body with eyes on corners. CRAB MEGALOPAE p. 218 Very large (> 5 mm); flat, wide body with long, stalked eyes and long legs. SPINY AND SLIPPERY LOBSTERS and MANTIS SHRIMP LARVAE lobster phyllosoma p. 218 stomatopod larva p. 262 54 IDENTIFICATION AND BIOLOGY OF COMMON ZOOPLANKTON 6. Other, often common crustaceans with firm segmented bodies and complex jointed appendages 7. Other, less common, firm-bodied forms with jointed appendages but without prominent segments PERACARID CRUSTACEANS p. 198 MITES and SEA SPIDERS p. 264 isopod gammarid amphipod hyperiid amphipod cumacean caprellid amphipod mite sea spider QUICK PICKS 55 8. Elongated, worm-like Segments usually with clusters of bristles on each side. POLYCHAETES p. 267 early segmented larva late trochophore larva Tomopteris Autolytus Segments without bristles but suckers at ends. LEECHES p. 267 Segments without large bristles; relatively flaccid; peristaltic movement. OLIGOCHAETES p. 267 Unsegmented and firm; one sharply pointed end; distinctive lashing movement. NEMATODES or ROUNDWORMS p. 267 presettlement larva 56 IDENTIFICATION AND BIOLOGY OF COMMON ZOOPLANKTON 9. Fishlike with fins; usually > 2 mm Usually lie on their sides in a sample dish; head end broader than tail end; fins not paired (in lateral view) but usually with supporting spines; typically with one eye visible, with a lens and pupil; often with pigment or pigmented spots. FISH LARVAE p. 310 Dorsoventrally flattened; paired symmetrical fins and broad symmetrical tail fin; paired, small dashed eye spots lack lenses or pupils; typically transparent or milky. CHAETOGNATHS or ARROW WORMS p. 290 A fish like tail and swollen anterior “body”; no other fins; no eyes. UROCHORDATE (ASCIDIAN) LARVAE p. 302 QUICK PICKS 57 10. Other distinct forms shelled pteropod p. 278 shell-less pteropod p. 278 squid p. 278 larvacean p. 302 ctenophore fragment This page intentionally left blank ...


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