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Acknowledgments The first of many thanks go to our wives, Valerie Chase and Wendy Allen, without whose understanding, encouragement, and support this book would probably not have materialized . As professional marine science educators with a passion for advancing the world’s understanding for our oceans and coastal systems, they inspired and energized our effort. We also give special recognition and thanks to Marni Fylling, whose talents as an artist and personal commitment to excellence throughout the project are deeply appreciated. In addition to carefully preparing hundreds of illustrations, Marni played an active role in formatting the figures and identification plates. Thousands of e-mails and files later, we can still say that we enjoyed it all. We also thank Tammy Clark, whose initial illustrations in the early drafts helped us to refine our approach. Many of our colleagues who are experts in their respective fields of biology reviewed chapters in this book. We were overwhelmed with the generosity with which they contributed their time and expertise. Zooplankton of the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts is far richer for their insights and firsthand knowledge of the local fauna and flora. We also appreciate the timely encouragement they provided along with their comments. The contributions of the following individuals are gratefully acknowledged: Julie Ambler (Introduction and Copepoda), O. Roger Anderson (Protozooplankton), Stephan Bullard (Decapoda), Edward Buskey (Introduction, Copepoda, and Protozooplankton), Nancy Butler (Introduction), Dale Calder (Cnidaria and Ctenophora), Wayne Coats (Microzooplankton), Jack Costello (Cnidaria and Ctenophora), Jim Ditty (Fishes), John R. Dolan (Rotifera), Michael Fahay (Fishes), Paul Fofonoff (Cladocera), Richard Fox (Pericarida), Harold G. Marshall (Phytoplankton ), Charles Gallegos (Phytoplankton), Sharyn Hedrick (Phytoplankton), Matthew Johnson (Protozooplankton), Richard Lacouture (Phytoplankton and Protozooplankton), Mike Mallin (Introduction, Phytoplankton, and Copepoda), Nancy Marcus (Copepoda), Jerry A. McLelland (Chaetognatha), Cecily Natunewicz (Introduction and Decapoda), Wayne Price (Peracarida), Jennifer Purcell (Cnidaria and Ctenophora), Edward Ruppert (Introduction), Katherine Schaefer (Phytoplankton), Kevin Sellner (Phytoplankton), Richard Shaw (Fishes), Barbara Sullivan (Copepoda, Cnidaria, and Ctenophora), Howard L. Taylor (Rotifera), Erik Thuesen (Chaetognatha), and Jennifer Wolny (Phytoplankton). We gratefully acknowledge the following experts who reviewed changes to the second edition: Julie Ambler (Cladocera and Lower Chordates), Scott Burghart (Decapoda), Edward Buskey (Copepoda), Dale Calder (Cnidaria), Jose Cuesta (Decapoda), Michael Fahay (Fishes), Darryl Felder (Decapoda), Richard Heard (Peracarida), Richard Lacouture (Phytoplankton), Sara LeCroy (Peracarida), Steve Morton (Phytoplankton), Michael Par- sons (Phytoplankton), Ernst Peebles (Peracarida), Mark Peterson (Fishes), Gerhard Pohle (Decapoda), Patricia Ramy (Annelida), Jan Reid (Copepoda), Kevin Sellner (Phytoplankton ), Cecily Steppe (Decapoda), and Gregory Tolley (Fishes). Others who provided valuable comments, materials, and/or encouragement as the manuscript took form include Charles Barans, Donna Lynn Barker, Bruce C. Coull, John Dindo, David Egloff, Elizabeth Fensin, Ray Gerber, Barbara Henderson, David Knott, Alan Lewitus, Stephen Stancyk, Jack McGovern, Rick Tinnin, and Elizabeth Wenner. The following colleagues provided information and suggestions that helped guide revisions for the second edition: Jack Costello, Elisabeth Fensin, Frank Ferrari, Terri Kirby Hathaway, Matt Johnson, John McDermott, Richard H. Moore, Christian Sardet, and Mare Timmons. Sincere thanks go to the office and technical staff and colleagues at Goucher College and the University of South Carolina who provided many kind services and extra efforts that made it possible for us to complete the project. We are particularly grateful to the Johns Hopkins University Press for encouraging and enabling the production of this edition . Many thanks go to our editor Vincent J. Burke and our copyeditor Andre Barnett, whose trained eye, thorough readings, and patience resulted in a more properly formatted, accurate, and readable book. We also thank all of the other members of the Press’s production and marketing team. Among our many mentors and instructors, the late Professor Sidney S. Herman stands out as a great champion for the appreciation of zooplankton. We thank him greatly for the knowledge he shared and the enthusiasm he generated during our years together (1972–78) at the Wetlands Institute, Stone Harbor, New Jersey. A second inspiration was The Field Book of Seashore Life by Roy Waldo Miner, published in 1950. This field guide profoundly affected both of us in our early years as undergraduate biologists. More than a guide, it both fed and stimulated our curiosity about the marine life that we were each discovering for the first time. Miner’s book was both an inspiration and a reference as we worked on this guide to zooplankton. This book was developed in response to (1) our professional interests in zooplankton ecology and (2) the need for a single reference source for introducing students and teachers to...


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