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Illustrations Int.1. Coacoochee (Wildcat) (Florida State Library and Archives) 3 1.1. Colonel Lachlan McIntosh (Library of Congress) 27 2.1. William Augustus Bowles (Florida State Library and Archives) 45 3.1. Trial of Ambrister (Florida State Library and Archives) 83 3.2. Jackson in the First Seminole War (John Frost, Pictorial Life of Andrew Jackson, 1847) 87 3.3. John Quincy Adams (Library of Congress) 97 4.1. William H. Crawford (Library of Congress) 108 4.2. John C. Calhoun (Library of Congress) 108 5.1. Winfield Scott (Florida State Library and Archives) 133 5.2. Taylor in Florida (Library of Congress) 141 5.3. Thomas Sidney Jesup (Florida State Library and Archives) 144 5.4. William Jenkins Worth (Library of Congress) 149 6.1. Osceola (Library of Congress) 160 6.2. Micanopy (Florida State Library and Archives) 165 6.3. Negro Abraham (John Frost, Pictorial Life of Andrew Jackson, 1847) 167 7.1. Massacre of the Whites by the Indians and Blacks in Florida (Library of Congress) 182 7.2. Authentic Narrative of the Seminole War (Library of Congress) 188 7.3. Horrid Massacre in Virginia (Library of Congress) 197 8.1. South Carolina Troops at the Withlacoochee (Library of Congress) 219 9.1. Richard Keith Call (Florida State Library and Archives) 238 9.2. Hix Chijo, Lower Creek in Pensacola in 1834, by George Washington Sully (Special Collections, John C. Pace Library, University of West Florida) 239 ...


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