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Contents List of Illustrations vii Introduction 1 William S. Belko 1. So in Fear of Both the Indians and the Americans 25 Susan Richbourg Parker 2. King Payne and His Policies: A Framework for Understanding the Diplomacy of the Seminoles of La Chua, 1784–1812 41 James Cusick 3. Epilogue to the War of 1812: The Monroe Administration, American Anglophobia, and the First Seminole War 54 William S. Belko 4. Mr. Rhea’s Missing Letter and the First Seminole War 103 David S. Heidler and Jeanne T. Heidler 5. Strategy, Operations, and Tactics in the Second Seminole War, 1835–1842 128 Joe Knetsch 6. Seminole Strategy, 1812–1858: A Prospectus for Further Research 155 Samuel Watson 7. “It is a negro, not an Indian war”: Southampton, St. Domingo, and the Second Seminole War 181 Matthew Clavin 8. South Carolina Volunteers in the Second Seminole War: A Nullifier Debacle as Prelude to the Palmetto State Gubernatorial Election of 1836 209 James M. Denham and Canter Brown Jr. 9. Forgotten Struggle: The Second Creek War in West Florida, 1837–1854 237 Brian Rucker For Further Reading 261 List of Contributors 267 Index 271 ...


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