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Name Index Akamatsu, Kaname, “Áying geese model” phrase coined by, 405n25 Albright, Madeleine (Secretary of State, United States), 170 Ash, Robert F. article by, 388n8 articles co-authored by, 15, 77 book co-edited by, 377n1 Bai Hejin, 175 Balassa, Professor Bela, 48 Bergsten, C. Fred acronym attributed to, xiv working paper by, 411n14 Blair, Tony (Prime Minister, United Kingdom), 150–1 Block, Herbert, 407n4 Borromeo, Miguel Roberto, book coedited by, 277 Brosseau, Maurice, book co-edited by, 386n9 Brzezinski, Zbigniew, acronym attributed to, xiv Camdessus, Michel (Managing Director, IMF), 171 Cassel, Dieter book co-edited by, 387n26 book edited by, 392n8 For names of Mainland Chinese origin (romanized according to the pinyin system) entries comprise surname followed by the Àrst and middle name(s), without a comma after the surname (for example, Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin). In entries for other Chinese names (Hong Kong, Taiwan and overseas Chinese, spelled according to the Wade-Giles or another system) the surname is followed by a comma (for example, Chai, Joseph C. H. and Lo, Fu-chen). Exceptions to the latter rule are certain nonMainland Chinese celebrities, such as Lee Kuan Yew and Tung Chee Hwa. Names mentioned in endnotes are not indexed separately if they appear in that part of the main text, to which the note number refers. Index entries to names that occur in endnotes comprise the page number followed by the letter ‘n’ and the note number, viz: 401n16. Although not a normal practice, in the absence of a bibliography, the names of sources cited in footnotes and endnotes have also been indexed. To avoid long strings of page references, only the page and, where relevant, the note number, relating to the Àrst citation of the source are included in the index entry. 418 Name Index Chai, Joseph C. H., 384n70 article by, 394n17 book co-authored by, 409n15 book co-edited by, 396n4 Chan, Anson (Chief Secretary of Administration, HKSAR), 150 Chen, Edward K. Y., conference paper co-authored by, 400n5 Chen, Yi-chi, article by, 201 Cheng, Yu-shek, Joseph, book co-edited by, 386n9 Choi, Kwang, conference paper coauthored by, 390n39 Chowdhury, Anis, book co-authored by, 389n16 Clinton, Hillary (Secretary of State, United States), 373 Lower Mekong Initiative initiated by, xv remarks by, on Asian tour, 368–9, 372 Conable Jr., Barber B., policy paper coauthored by, 387n22 Dai Xianglong (Governor, People’s Bank of China), 151, 399n2, 401n16 defends renminbi, 156, 171–2, 174–5, 191 establishment of regional branches of People’s Bank of China, 220 on falling yen, 173 on non-performing loans, 219 Day, Alan J., book edited by, 381n39 Deng Xiaoping dictum on technology exchange, 3, 337 motto inked by, xvi, 4 “southern tour” of China, 93, 235, 387n1 Druckenmiller, Stanley, 174 Dulles, John Foster (Secretary of State, United States), 373 Emmerson, Donald, article by, 413n3 Evenett, Simon, book co-edited by, 177 Fan Gang, book co-authored by, 409n15 Fang Hangting, article by, 401n17 Galenson, Walter, book edited by, 391n44 Gao Shangquan, conference paper presented by, 386n8 Garcia, Marissa, book co-edited by, 277 Garnaut, Ross book by, 380n29 conference paper presented by, 411n14 Gill, Bates, article by, 414n16 Greenspan, Alan (Chairman, Federal Reserve Bank, United States), 163 Guo, Yi Yao, see Kueh, Y. Y. Hatayama, Yukio (Prime Minister, Japan), 412n2 Hermann-Pillath, Carsten, book co-edited by, 387n26 Heston, Alan, 407n4 Hirano, Masahiro, article by, 386n15 Ho, Lok-sang, article by, 400n4 Ho, Yin-ping article by, 386n9 article co-authored by, 47 book by, 385n74 Hook, Brian, book edited by, 77 Howe, Christopher B. article co-authored by, 393n12 book co-edited by, 377n1 Hsiung, James C., book edited by, 147 Hsu, Chia-xian, conference paper coauthored by, 383n62 Huang, Chin-shu, conference paper coauthored by, 385n75 Huang Fanzhang, article by, 409n9 Huang Yonghe, article co-authored by, 335 Hurd, Douglas (Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, United Kingdom), White Paper by, 387n24 Name Index 419 Imai, Hiroyuki, article by, 403n8 Intal Jr., Ponciano, book co-edited by, 277 Islam, Iyanatul, book co-authored by, 389n16 Jao, Y. C., articles by, 395n6, 396n4 Jiang Zemin (President, People’s Republic of China) offers to reduce tariffs, 273 supports renminbi, 171–3, 175 Jin Pei, article by, 409n12 Jusuf, Shahid, book co-edited by, 177 Kamm, John, article by, 389n23 Kao, Charles H. C., book co-authored by, 36 Kao, Charng, conference paper presented by, 380n19, 383n60 Kim, Kihwan, conference paper coauthored by, 390n39 King...


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