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The list comprises three parts: (1) Acronyms and glossaries, (2) Abbreviations (of documentary sources) common to most chapters, and (3) Abbreviations speciÀc to Chapter 11. Part 1: Acronyms and glossaries ADB Asian Development Bank APEC Asia PaciÀc Economic Cooperation (APEC) Forum, established in 1989 APEC at large* APEC with all its member economies on both sides of the PaciÀc; or Full APEC APEC proper* APEC with the Asia-PaciÀc coast member economies only ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations—an economic and geopolitical organization founded in 1967 ASEAN 5 The Àve founding countries of ASEAN: Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia (considered as the major 5) ASEAN 10 ASEAN 5 plus the Àve newer member countries: Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (Burma) and Brunei (considered as the minor 5) ASEAN 10 + 1 ASEAN 10 plus China, with the latter originally serving as a ‘dialogue partner’, but a formal agreement for an ASEAN–China Free Trade Area (ACFTA), was eventually signed in 2002 and formally launched in 2010 between the ASEAN 10 and China Acronyms and Glossaries xiv Acronyms and Glossaries ASEAN 10 + 3 ASEAN 10 plus China, Japan and South Korea serving as ‘dialogue partners’, with a view to promoting further integration of the region, agreed upon in 1997 Bogor Declaration APEC leaders declared the commitment at the Summit meeting held at Bogor (Indonesia) on 15 November 1994 that taking into account differing levels of economic development among APEC economies, the industrialized economies should achieve the goal of free and open trade and investment no later than the year 2010 and developing economies no later than the year 2020. CEPA Closer Economic PartnershipArrangement (Agreement between China and HKSAR, 2003) Diaoyutai Senkaku in Japanese; name of the island and adjacent islets off the East China Sea controversially claimed by both China and Japan East Asia Summit A forum held annually since 2005 in conjunction with the annual meeting of ASEAN Summit and ASEAN 10+3; other members include India, Australia, New Zealand; the United States and Russia Àrst invited in 2011 ECFA Economic Cooperation FrameworkAgreement (between China and Taiwan, 2011) FDI Foreign Direct Investment Four Little Dragons The four highly export-oriented economies: South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore FTA Free Trade Area FTAAP Free Trade Area of the Asia PaciÀc—a long-term vision for APEC G-0 ‘G-Zero’, a term coined by Nouriel Roubini to refer to the lacking of global leadership for reigning in global affairs following the 2008/09 Global Financial Tsunami G-2 ‘Group of 2’, an informal term (attributable to Zbigniew Brzezinski and Fred Bergsten) referring to the emerging Sino-American cooperative partnership for dealing with signiÀcant global economic and political affairs Acronyms and Glossaries xv G-7 Group of 7, established in 1976 as an informal forum of seven major industrial economies: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and United States of America G-20 Group of 20, set up in 1999 as a response to the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis and growing recognition that key emerging-market countries should also be embraced by the G-7 into the core of global economic discussion and governance gaige kaifang China’s reform and opening-up strategy heralding the country’s increased integration with the global economy GMS Greater Mekong Subregion cooperation programme established in 1992 with assistance from Asian Development Bank for promoting economic cooperation and development in the six riparian states of the Mekong River basin (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and China as represented by its Yunnan Province and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region) Greater China An informal term referring to China plus HKSAR, Macao SAR, and the province of Taiwan, essentially a geo-economic complex HKGSESB Hong Kong Government Secretariat Economic Services Branch HKGTD Hong Kong Government Trade Department HKMA Hong Kong Monetary Authority HKSAR Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong HKTDC Hong Kong Trade Development Council HSBC Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation IMF International Monetary Fund LMK Initiative Lower Mekong Initiative (LMI), initiated by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with the foreign Ministers of the four Lower Mekong Countries—Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam at a meeting in Phuket in July 2009 for enhancing cooperation in the areas of environment (water management), health, education, and infrastructure evelopment xvi Acronyms and Glossaries MOFTEC Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, China NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization North APEC* APEC member economies located at both the Asia PaciÀc and American coasts...


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