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My gratitude is due to the following journals, publishers and research institutions for permission to use their materials: The China Quarterly, The PaciÀc Review, Oxford University Press, Hong Kong University Press, St. Martin’s Press, The World Bank, United Nations University-Institute of Advanced Studies (Tokyo), International Development Research Center (Canada), University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia), De La Salle University (Manila), Thailand Research Fund, and Asian Development Research Forum (Bangkok), among others, as noted in detail on the title page (bottom) of each chapter. I am also grateful to Dr. Wong Shek-wah (黃石華), President of Cheong Man Wah (Wong King Sun) Foundation Ltd. (昌文華[黃金生]基金會) for a grant to support the indexing of the book, and to Professor Yao Dan of China Renmin University for suggesting the Chinese translation of the book title as “走向中華‘帝國’的昇平盛世:地緣政治經濟學視角” . I must also thank Miss Isabel Xiaoyi Shen who, with her highly competent computer skills, graciously helped to convert several hard copies into rewritable versions for reworking, and proofread many chapters of the book. Last but not least, I am most grateful to my wife, Hsiaohu, who has with great patience accompanied me through my academic life of research and teaching. Y. Y. Kueh Acknowledgements ...


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