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Contents Acknowledgments ix Different Visions, Revolutionary Perceptions: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Work of Contemporary Filmmakers 1 daniel bernardi part 1 exposing bodies 1 Disability Is Us: Remembering, Recovering, and Remaking the Image of Disability 17 laura kissel 2 “I Saw You Naked”: “Hard” Acting in “Gay” Movies 41 christopher bradley 3 Pain and Pleasure in the Flesh of Machiko Saito’s Experimental Movies 55 celine parreñas shimizu part 2 border visions 4 Framing Identities / The Evolving Self: Beyond the Academic Director 75 cristina kotz cornejo 5 Indigenism, (In)Visibility: Notes on Migratory Film 95 john thornton caldwell 6 Traversing Cinematic Borders: An Interview with Paul Espinosa 119 daniel bernardi part 3 global identities 7 Del Otro Lado: Border Crossings, Disappearing Souls, and Other Transgressions 139 c. a. griffith T4989.indb vii T4989.indb vii 2/27/09 6:57:00 AM 2/27/09 6:57:00 AM viii filming difference 8 Faith in Sexual Difference: The Inquisition of a Creative Process 165 daniel s. cutrara 9 Dead Conversations on Art and Politics: José Guadalupe Posada Interviews John Jota Leaños 187 john jota leaños part 4 independent ambitions 10 Neither Color Blind, Nor Near-Sighted: Representation, Race, and the Role of the Academic Filmmaker 209 aaron greer 11 Performing to Perform the Other: Developing Roles Different from Oneself 223 sheldon schiffer 12 Cinematic Reservations: An Interview with Chris Eyre 247 yuri makino part 5 true hollywood stories 13 “And Maybe There Is a Way to Give Hollywood the Kick in the Ass That It Needs”: An Interview with Filmmaker Karyn Kusama 263 dan rybicky 14 From Selena to Walkout: An Interview with Moctesuma Esparza 289 kathryn f. galán 15 Negotiating the Politics of (In)Difference in Contemporary Hollywood: An Interview with Kimberly Peirce 303 denise mann 16 Televising Difference: An Interview with Paris Barclay 323 kevin sandler Selected Bibliography 343 chiara ferrari Contributors 357 Index 363 00-T4989-FM-RV1.indd viii 00-T4989-FM-RV1.indd viii 3/12/09 12:07:43 PM 3/12/09 12:07:43 PM ...


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