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Acknowledgments researching communal experiments is a lot like poking around in other people’s broken dreams. For this reason, I am particularly grateful to all of the current and former communards who shared their stories with me and often went out of their way to help me. Special thanks go to Twin Oaks Community for opening its home to me and teaching me the art of weaving hammocks, among other things. On the academic side,I thank my advisor,Manfred Pütz,for first introducing me to Walden Two and seeing me through the Ph.D.process,and Kenneth Roemer and Donald Pitzer for their expert advice and support through all phases of this study. Most importantly, I am deeply grateful to Lyman Tower Sargent for always being there with advice whenever I needed it. Research on the reception of Walden Two in intentional communities was made possible by a grant from the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) for 1998. My time as a participant-observer at Twin Oaks as well as shorter visits to Los Horcones, Lake Village, Sunflower House, and Dandelion Community deepened my understanding of these communities. I thank Frank Cass for permission to reprint a modified version of an article that first appeared in the Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 3.2–3 (Summer/Autumn 2000). I also thank the special collection on communities at the University of Virginia as well as the archive of the Center for Communal Studies in Indiana for opening their doors to me. Above all, I wish to thank my family and friends for supporting me from the enthusiastic beginning to the exhausting end of this project, be it as listeners, proofreaders, or general support team. 00.i-xiv_Kuhl.indd 7 3/29/05 3:55:28 PM 00.i-xiv_Kuhl.indd 8 3/29/05 3:55:28 PM ...


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