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Glossary 2IC Second-in-Command ABRO Army of Burma Reserved Organization AFPFL Anti-Fascist People’s Freedom League AG Adjutant General APC Armoured Personnel Carrier ASO Adjutant Staff Officer AWCS Advanced Warning and Control System BATD Burma Army Training Depot BCP Burma Communist Party BEDC Burma Economic Development Corporation BIMS Battlefiled Information Management System BSO Bureau of Special Operations BSPP Burma Socialist Programme Party BTF Burma Territorial Force BWS Burmese Way to Socialism C3 I Command, Control, Communication and Intelligence CAFTO Chief of Armed Forces Training CGE Central Government Expenditure CGSC Command and General Staff College CIPS Central Institute of Political Science CO Commanding Officer DDSI Directorate of Defence Service Intelligence DI Defence Industries DMT Directorate of Military Training DSA Defence Services Academy 00 Bldg Tatmadaw Prelims.indd 12 12/29/08 8:37:50 AM DSAS Defence Services Administration School DSCFS Defence Services Combat Forces School DSI Defence Services Institute DSIB Defence Services Intelligence Bureau DSIC Defence Services Intelligence Centre DSMA Defence Services Medical Academy DSNCOS Defence Services Non-Commissioned Officers School DSTA Defence Services Technological Academy DVB Democratic Voice of Burma EEZ Exclusive Economic Zone ELINT Electronic Intelligence EW Electronic Warfare GDP Gross Domestic Products GPS Global Positioning System GSO General Staff Office / Officer HIMAD High to Medium Altitude Air Defence IG Inspector General IO Intelligence Officer JAG Judge Advocate General KMT Koumington KNDO Karen National Defence Organization LAWS Land/Air Warfare School LIC Low Intensity Conflict LID Light Infantry Devision MAG Military Appointment General MANPADS Man-portable Air Defence System MAS Military Affairs Security MBT Main Battle Tanks MCTI Military Computer and Technological Institute MEC Myanmar Economic Corporation MIS Military Intelligence Section MOC Military Operation Command MP Member of Parliament MWVO Myanmar War Veteran Organization NBSD North Burma Sub-District NCO Non-Commissioned Officer NDC National Defence College NLM New Light of Myanmar (newspaper) NUF National United Front OSS Office of Strategic Studies Glossary xiii 00 Bldg Tatmadaw Prelims.indd 13 12/29/08 8:37:50 AM OTS Officer’s Training School PBF Patriotic Burmese Force PLA People’s Liberation Army (China) QMG Quartermaster General QSO Quartermaster Staff Officer RC Revolutionary Council RFA Radio Free Asia RMA Revolution in Military Affairs ROC Regional Operation Command SAC Security and Administrative Committee SAM Surface-to-Air Missile SAO State Administrative Organizations SBSD South Burma Sub-District SEADS Suppression of Enemy Air Defence System SEE State-owned Economic Enterprises SHORAD Short Range Air Defence SIGINT Signal Intelligence SLORC State Law and Order Restoration Council SPDC State Peace and Development Council SSM Surface-to-Surface Missile TGE Total Government Expenditure TOC Tactical Operation Command UMEHL Union of Myanmar Economic Holding Limited UMP Union Military Police USDA Union Solidarity and Development Association WMD Weapons of Mass Destration xiv Glossary 00 Bldg Tatmadaw Prelims.indd 14 12/29/08 8:37:50 AM ...


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