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Contents List of Figures vii Foreword: A New Hemispheric Blackness ix Howard Winant Acknowledgments xv Introduction 1 Kwame Dixon and John Burdick Part 1. Blackness and Cultural Difference 1. Nurturing Bantu Africanness in Bahia 21 Patricia de Santana Pinho 2. Strategies of the Black Pacific: Music and Diasporic Identity in Peru 42 Heidi Carolyn Feldman 3. Malandreo Negro: Gangsta Rap and the Politics of Exclusion in Venezuela 72 Sujatha Fernandes 4. Performing the African Diaspora in Mexico 93 Angela N. Castañeda 5. Visions of a Nineteenth-Century Cuba: Images of Blacks in the Work of Víctor Patricio de Landaluze 114 Elizabeth Morán Part 2. Afro Social Movements and Mobilization 6. Afro-Colombian Social Movements 135 Peter Wade 7. Beyond Citizenship as We Know It: Race and Ethnicity in Afro-Colombian Struggles for Citizenship Equality 156 Bettina Ng’weno 8. Black Activism in Ecuador, 1979–2009 176 Ollie A. Johnson III 9. Afro-Ecuadorian Community Organizing and Political Struggle: Influences on and Participation in Constitutional Processes 198 Jean Muteba Rahier 10.The Black Movement’s Foot Soldiers: Black Women and Neighborhood Struggles for Land Rights in Brazil 219 Keisha-Khan Y. Perry Part 3. State Responses 11. Social Movements in Latin America: The Power of Regional and National Networks 243 Judith A. Morrison 12. Negotiating Blackness within the Multicultural State: Creole Politics and Identity in Nicaragua 264 Juliet Hooker 13. Todos Somos Iguales, Todos Somos Incas: Dilemmas of Afro-Peruvian Citizenship and Inca Whiteness in Peru 282 Shane Greene 14.Sociology and Racial Inequality: Challenges and Approaches in Brazil 305 Antônio Guimarães 15. Black—but Not Haitian: Color, Class, and Ethnicity in the Dominican Republic 323 Ernesto Sagás List of Contributors 345 Index 349 ...


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