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ix George Cotkin is responsible for the writing of this book. By his own strong example as an intellectual historian, and through his kind solicitations and enthusiasm, he has guided a series of books through Rutgers University Press that illuminate American culture in the late twentieth century. I am proud to be a part of his project, and I am also indebted to George for his thoughtful critiques of an early draft of the manuscript. Elliott Gorn also provided valuable advice at the proposal stage three long years ago. I am happy to join the many authors who have praised the virtues and skills of Leslie Mitchner, editor in chief at Rutgers. Leslie also has been enthusiastic about my work, and she has brought her rich experience in book editing to the thornier aspects of the project. She has kindly accommodated my rather tortuous schedule for completing it. Lisa Boyajian, the editorial assistant, Marilyn Campbell, the prepress director, and above all Peter Strupp, the excellent copy editor, were also instrumental in helping to complete this book in fine style. My research was supported in 2010 by a Connecticut State University– American Association of University Professors faculty research grant, administered through my employer, Western Connecticut State University. I am grateful to my former provost, Linda Rinker, for her support of this project, and to numerous colleagues who have offered bits of advice and encouragement during my work. My greatest debt lies with Martha May and Leslie Lindenauer, fellow faculty members in the Department of History, who embarked on their own fascinating exploration of representations of the A C K N O W L E D G M E N T S x acknowledgments presidency on the Internet at the same time I began my work. Through our discussions and joint appearances on conference panels, Marcy and Leslie enriched my sensitivity to many aspects of the general subject that I had heretofore ignored. They are also great friends. Like many other scholars, I am consistently delighted by the cooperation and generosity of archivists at five US presidential libraries, who were instrumental to the success of my research into primary sources. The Historians of the Twentieth Century United States in the United Kingdom and the Social Science History Association permitted me to present portions of this book at their annual conferences. Finally, I continue to be sustained and enriched in countless ways by my family, to whom The Leading Man is dedicated. The Leading Man  ...


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