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vii Contents Introduction: Human No More 1 Neil L. Whitehead and Michael Wesch 1. The Mutual Co-Construction of Online and Onground in Cyborganic: Making an Ethnography of Networked Social Media Speak to Challenges of the Posthuman 11 Jennifer Cool 2. We Were Always Human 33 Zeynep Tufekci 3. Manufacturing and Encountering “Human” in the Age of Digital Reproduction 49 Matthew Bernius 4. The Digital Graveyard: Online Social Networking Sites as Vehicles of Remembrance 71 Jenny Ryan viii contents 5. Anonymous, Anonymity, and the End(s) of Identity and Groups Online: Lessons from the “First Internet-Based Superconsciousness” 89 Michael Wesch and the Digital Ethnography Class of Spring 2009 6. Splitting and Layering at the Interface: Mediating Indian Diasporas across Generations 105 Radhika Gajjala and Sue Ellen McComas 7. Avatar: A Posthuman Perspective on Virtual Worlds 131 Gray Graffam 8. Technology, Representation, and the “E-thropologist”: The Shape-­ Shifting Field among Native Amazonians 147 Stephanie W. Alemán 9. The Adventures of Mark and Olly: The Pleasures and Horrors of Anthropology on TV 157 James Hoesterey 10. Invisible Caboclos and Vagabond Ethnographers: A Look at Ethnographic Engagement in Twenty-First-Century Amazonia 177 Kent Wisniewski 11. Marginal Bodies, Altered States, and Subhumans: (Dis)Articulations between Physical and Virtual Realities in Centro, São Paulo 199 Michael Heckenberger 12. Are We There Yet? The End of Anthropology Is Beyond the Human 217 Neil L. Whitehead Afterword 231 Anne Allison List of Contributors 235 Index 237 Human No More This page is intentionally left blank ...


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