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285 14 Homeward Bound April 1–June 13, 1893 April 1, 1893, Kawaiahao My Darling, I am coming to the conclusion that love letters are not all they sometimes are claimed to be. What dry bones they are! I want something infinitely better. I am not at all satisfied with these paper sentiments, are you? Let’s raise a revolt, let’s strike, have a Revolution or something. I’m not so tired as I was a month ago tonight. I had Bible lesson tonight. I think my last one. I was glad it was the Easter lesson for it means so much to me. The girls were very quiet and attentive. 53 of the girls have gone to a concert tonight. I had to sell them tickets for that and make arrangements for their going. Mr. Gulick telephoned me this evening in regard to steamers. I fear it will be difficult to secure a berth on any steamer before June 21. We have a trustee meeting Monday morning and then I suppose we may know just what day school closes and I can make more vigorous plans. I can’t and won’t stay here till June 21 unless absolutely compelled to do so Sunday morning—How the days glide by and how much I must put into all of them—the flannel skirt is nearly all embroidered; the lace handkerchief is well on its way. I must do some necessary sewing for my journey—those red seeds at Mrs. Cooke’s which I must collect, shells, etc. etc. I wish I had a little extra money right at hand for extra things. Did I tell you of my two shares of $172 Makaweli instead of Pahala which Mr. Castle has for me? It’s a better plantation, pays dividends this year. If it does well, I wish we could keep it there and see what comes of it. Perhaps we can. The Rush came in Wednesday.1 The town went into red, white and blue galore . Yesterday the American flag of the protectorate was taken from the government building and “Camp Boston” abandoned, all the men going on the ship again. Of course we are in midnight darkness as to what it all means. They say Minister Stevens looks satisfied and that is really all we have to hope 286 AN AMERICAN GIRL for the present. Perhaps this step is necessary before annexation but if the citizens have to keep up guard duty from now till next December, there is going to be trouble. The natives misunderstand it and are stirred up. Our girls were saying last night “our Queen Liliuokalani is coming back this month we are so glad!” The last rumor is that the Japanese will reinstate her if they may receive civil rights for it. It would be just like the natives to turn their backs completely on America and make everything of Japan. I don’t know any public event which would be more typical of their character. There is some growling about Cleveland that Harrison deserves the credit for all that has been done, and had he only been in office longer, it would have been completed by this time. I think Cleveland will do it in time but while he is making so much of himself over it, the delay is very hard for this country. The political situation has been very interesting but I shall be glad to leave even though it’s going to gall me like everything if America doesn’t come up to the mark in this thing. I’ll do all I can to make public opinion. I went to the Judd’s to dine on Friday. It was a very unhappy affair. They had several family quarrels—no family discipline at all—those boys need to be caged. Mrs. Judd lamented that she had not seen more of me. I think it’s a little late in the day to make so much of me but they were afraid of me at first. Can’t quite blame them for that when there are such curious specimens here. Oh I nearly forgot—there’s a young man, Mr. More Clerk in Lewers & Cooke who paid some attention to Miss Harris while she was here. I once went with them to a lecture. Yesterday he telephoned to ask me to go to the concert with him. Of course I gave as excuse my...


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