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241 12 Down with Malaria November 9–December 25, 1892 November 9, 1892, Kawaiahao Seminary Dearest, I knew you would worry if I didn’t write and I suppose when I tell you I have a light attack of fever, you will anyway .1 Well dear, don’t any more than you can help, and hold on for just a week and you are sure to hear that I am well. It began Saturday. The doctor says it may last a week. Miss Pope is kind and I have perfect confidence in Doctor Andrews. Last night I slept the best. In the morning is my best time. During the day I am unhappy. I have no pain. These fevers are somewhat common. The girls have them often for a few days. I long for you very much, dear Carl. Carrie Dictated Letter: November 16, 1892, Honolulu Dear Mr. Kofoid, Miss Winter was laid by with an intermittent fever on the 5th, and though somewhat better, is directed not to write; even to you. At the present moment she sits in a reclining chair pulling her handkerchief and declaring herself as well as necessary, and of the opinion that she would refuse to take care of any person no sicker than herself. No one else shares her views however , and you, as well as she, must submit to a third party in correspondence— Yours very truly, Margaret Brewer Dictated: I said last time that there was no cabinet, but there was, as I presume you saw in the Boston papers, Wilcox (G.W.) Brown, Mark Robinson & P.C. Jones. The 242 AN AMERICAN GIRL Queen did call a leader of the opposition. The only drawback is that no member of the Liberals is chosen, and they threaten to vote the cabinet out if Wilson is not ousted. This is a fine set of men, except Cecil Brown, who is smart but not very good. You called at Mr. P.C. Jones’ house in Newton Center to see Nellie Waterhouse. I was told that he lost $50000 in Boston. They are working well in the Legislature now, much business done every day; and they have openly declared themselves against the Lottery, and are going to borrow a lot of money around the country, so I think my money is safe here. Week before last Miss Burgess and I were invited out to Kamehameha to dinner, and were late because I missed a car. They were very nice about it, tho’ it broke up Mrs. Andrew’s fine dinner, Mr. Babb’s military drill, Mr. Ruevsky’s glee club. I think that was one reason I got sick. You know I detest being late to dinner. They all came to the Babb’s after supper, & we had quite a good time. Mr. Ruevsky & Mr. Anderson were down to the car with us and walked along in the moonlight till it overtook us. I thought they would leave us there, but Mr. R. was so charmed with Miss Burgess that we all came on together with not very much reluctance on Mr. Anderson’s part. He was even reconciled to ice cream when Mr. Ruevsky paid for it. They even went so far as to weigh us. I recorded 129 lbs. That will speak for itself, I guess. You need draw no morale from young men, ice cream, & fevers. The kindness and goodness of the people—Mrs. Frank Cooke sends me fresh milk every morning, sent me squab, comes to see me, etc. But you ought to be sick among seven women! Miss Pope & Miss Kenwill walk their legs off for me; some come and tell me the awful sufferings through which they have gone in the past, or are enjoying at that present moment, which may I die before I experience; some come in and talk loud and hard for hours. Dr. Andrews refuses to make any charges; and I shall have to take pleasure in proving my gratitude to him. Mrs. Babb came right down, took care of me on one of my worst days, & offered me her heart & her home. Mrs. Thompson nursed me all one morning because her husband loved me, she said. She is a trained nurse, & I learned some good things from her. Mr. Emerson has inquired one or twice but they forget to tell me till two or three days afterward. November 17, 1892 Dearest, Dear boy, I know you have worried, but you must stop now. My fever is all gone...


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