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226 11 The Queen in Crisis September 4–October 23, 1892 September 4, 1892, Kawaiahao Seminary Dearest, What a country this is! Of course you know the country is on the verge of bankruptcy and that there is little prospect of relief and now comes Satan in the form of a branch of the Louisiana Lottery and last week this proposal was made in the legislature: “If you will let us come here and establish our lottery, exempt us from taxation and give us free use of the mails for 25 yrs. we will give to your government $500,000 a year $75,000 for the new cable, a lot for Pearl Harbor and a number of other appropriations which I have forgotten.” It is a great temptation and it has spread like fire among the people. I suppose it is safe to say that the majority are in favor of it. The Queen is supposed to wink it. There are many private bribes. One member of the legislature is to receive $10,000 a year and a bonus of $30,000 if he gets it through. I will try and get hold of their tract the “Golden Era” and send it to you.1 They have their petition with many influential names upon it. What of the missionary party! I wish you could have been in prayer meeting last Wednesday night! The chamber of commerce has its counter petition in circulation. The women have held a man’s meeting and started their petition. I am on a committee to get up a petition for the school children. Who ever thought I would be engaged in a lottery fight. Our party is the smaller numerically but it’s that portion of the community which expects to be heard when it speaks. The men say they do not think it will pass and yet they dare not speak too confidently. Many of the legislators can be bribed. The only thing that gives us any confidence in this legislature comes from the fact that last Tuesday night they turned out the ministry which they ought to have done two months ago. Now comes the test to the Queen. Her favorite, Marshall Wilson, is believed by many people to be the Queen’s paramour.2 Since the beginning of her reign, it has been the annoyance of all good people that she did not send this man, openly in league with the opium ring away. She has stuck to him through thick and thin. Well we don’t know what is before us. This last thing has quite distracted public attention from the famous Horner Bill for the printing of unlimited paper money to relieve the situation. Already the raid on the bank has begun. People say it’s probably safe but not certainly. I gave notice for my small amount August 12 and I hope to get it some time this month. I can’t afford to let it stay on probabilities for too much depends on it in my case. When I get it, I don’t know what to do with it—send it home or deposit it in the Bishop Bank where it will draw no interest. Last night was “Cousin’s society” and after a long discussion it was at last decided to give up the “Girls Industrial Home” a prospect over which there has been much partisanship. Tomorrow school opens and the Queen still refuses to appoint a cabinet. Lovingly, Carrie September 11, 1892, Kawaiahao Seminary Dear Carl, I am glad to say that we have reached a degree of calmness , which is very desirable after our tempestuous week. Dr. Beckwith, who is home again, preached on the lottery this morning. A very good sermon. Evening—The Queen still continues to be obstinate in regard to the new ministry. It is almost two weeks now since the vote of “want of confidence.” She doesn’t follow well in the lead of her model, Victoria. Mr. Oleson tersely put it “Wilson or annexation,” and it does look as if she were heeding very bad counsel for her own best interests. She evidently wishes to return to the old constitution. I’d like to see annexation come while I was here. I believe I’d almost be willing to stay an extra week to see the stars and stripes over this country. Today is Monday and since I have the matron’s work, it...


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