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165 8 Politics and Punishment February 2–April 10, 1892 February 2, 1892, Kawaiahao Seminary Dearest Carl, I have a number of interesting things to write you about and if you please my dear, I’ll begin on politics. They are great fun here. Once in two years there is an election here and the last one took place last Wednesday. Each island is divided into sections which send one representative to the legislature. There are 8 sections on this island and I don’t know about the others. Certain 6 year, 4 year, and 2 year nobles were also to be elected. Well for months the “Liberals” have had their candidates out and have been stumping all the islands . Their leaders are R. W. Wilcox, the leader of the “Revolution of 1889.” Bush, a 7th Day Adventist and Ashford, in the employ of the Canadians and a regular fraud of a man who harangues the natives, abusing the “pious missionaries .” I must try and find one of his speeches to send you. They are all angry at the Queen because she will not treat with them and their avowed purpose is to call a convention to change the constitution—depose the Queen, found a republic—all with this precious trio at the head. The other issue is the new treaty with the U.S. Now it’s absolutely essential to the business interest of the island to have the treaty. Since the McKinley bill1 most of the plantations are running at a loss and every where there is great embarrassment. It really is distressing and its going to be worse unless they get the treaty. But—to get that treaty they have to let the U.S. have Pearl Harbor for a naval station. That’s pat and its right too. But these fellows work on the feelings of the natives and that means the beginning of their loss of independence and that only the “rich missionaries” have anything to gain thereby. Well, the country has just been deluged with this kind of talk. Various opposition tickets were put up and a certain extent of speech making on the National Reform side. Thursday morning we had the results for this island— the national Reform Nobles elected but of the Representatives all Liberal except one—Bush, Wilcox, Ashford all in!! 166 AN AMERICAN GIRL This is the worst island and they were hoping for help from the other islands . Some of the steamers came in yesterday and at the last reports, the Liberals had a majority of one in the House of R’s with several districts yet to hear from. I think tomorrow we will know the full result. Anyway we may expect some lively times in the Legislature and perhaps outside. You are not to feel any alarm for the Pensacola will stay here and of course more will come if necessary. I held an election in my room Tuesday and like the rest my girls, elected a majority of Liberals. The next day I gave the girls a stump speech and I really believe I opened their eyes to some things. They had elected Ashford. They were sure they didn’t want the U.S. to have Pearl Harbor. I asked how many girls Mr. Ashford supported in our school. I told them how a number of people had given us word that they could not support the girls next year and how Cousin’s Society had cut us down 1/2 and all on account of the low price of sugar. I drew some strong conclusions, carried my audience with me and made them at last quite enthusiastic for National Reform Party. Don’t you see how very interesting all this is? It’s so much plainer and simpler than the Tariff. You’re quite sure here which is the right and which is the wrong side, so I prefer Hawaiian politics. Friday afternoon the school visited the Pensacola. Most of the girls went and all the teachers but Miss Appleton and myself. It was my day on duty and I did not care to go anyway because I was still tired from my ride of the day before and couldn’t bear to think of a long walk in the sun with a procession of girls. They all seemed to enjoy it immensely and had long stories to tell me when they got home. Miss Hadley made a goose of herself with one of the...


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