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137 7 Back To School September 6, 1891–January 15, 1892 September 6, 1891, Kawaiahao Seminary My Own, The last steamer brought our 3 new teachers. I have been matron and with so few girls to work, have had my hands full.1 Miss Appleton came back yesterday and we are all ready for the start tomorrow morning and we have got our hands full too. We are very much disappointed in our teachers and we fear what lies before us through them. Miss Harris is all right. She is the one to take Miss Davis’s place and Miss Pope knew her well before. She is supporting two sisters in Oberlin. She has been teaching 4 yrs. and really has lots of grit although she Kawaiaha‘o Female Seminary students in the kitchen. Photo by Lilla Estelle Appleton. 138 AN AMERICAN GIRL is only about 22 or 23. I am a tiny bit afraid that she lacks spunk and assertiveness enough to fill her place and have also a selfish little wonder inside that Miss Pope did not think me better fitted. But the other two! Miss Hadley whom Miss Pope had met a few times, and who was highly recommended on account of her strong Christian character is a perfect little hypocrite. She is certainly toward 35 yrs. old as is also Miss Armstrong but they have made bad names for themselves on the steamer coming down. There were very fine Island people aboard but they chose their own friends among the gamblers and vulgar people. Mr. Oleson who was aboard said of Miss Hadley that she would have been in better health if she had played cards less and drunk less wine. She has come here for her health with 4 trunks, traveling expenses of $20 where it should be $180 and a nose way up in the air. She complained all the time and has tried to order me around like a kitchen girl, without success mind you for somehow I don’t hear her. She was written to quite full about the work but is surprised that we don’t keep servants. If they weren’t so near 40, I might try to reform them. Miss Pope is almost sick over the prospect and I suppose that if the school ever needed sympathy it is now. Six teachers and two of them such nature. Miss Appleton is not strong. Well we will see how things go. I know Miss Pope, Miss Harris and I can work together. It’s the funeral of the Queen’s husband today but I don’t take any interest in it and I know you don’t therefore. I think Miss Pepoon is in Oberlin. Won’t you find out, Carl, and go and call on her. She is a perfect Christian lady. All yours, Carrie Helen Abby Pepoon. Portrait by Davis, Painesville, Ohio. September 13, 1891, Kawaiahao Seminary My darling, It is so very long since I have had a letter from you, two weeks ago Thursday. Surely the steamer Tuesday will have a rich store for me. There ought to be two long letters from you on it. We are through the first week, dear Charlie, and we are all alive and well. We have every prospect of a fine year. At the end of the first day we had 105 and now we have almost reached 130 which is our limit. It has been a critical week for Miss Pope and she is worked nearly to pieces but everything has gone well. When Miss Pepoon began, they had a terrible time. The girls were so wild and unruly but we have had splendid order. I have worked hard too. Miss Pope and I were really the only ones who knew the ropes and you will not be surprised when I tell you that we both found our feet blistered yesterday. I tried to help and show Miss Harris while Miss Pope attended to all the outside work. I don’t see how it can be so hard this week. Our new teachers have started off splendidly. I took Miss Harris down to a church social one evening this week and we really had a gay time, stayed clear through because we were enjoying ourselves and had quite a cluster of such young men as the city affords about us. I must tell you how my own work has opened. I have lost 7 girls from...


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