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Ack nowledgments Throughout the process of writing this book, we’ve been touched by the work of a number of scholars and the kindness of colleagues and loved ones whose contributions have been profound. Both of us have been influenced by the assessment work of Brian Huot and Neal Lerner, scholars whose thinking has permeated our own scholarship and assessment practices. We want to thank MaryAnn Crawford for helping us to shape and plan this project. We appreciate the lively participation and comments from IWCA and ECWCA writing assessment workshop participants, whose perspectives and questions helped us to shape the outline for this book. We are grateful for the useful feedback two anonymous reviewers gave to an earlier draft of this book. And we have benefitted greatly from the suggestions and support of the Utah State University Press staff, particularly those from Michael Spooner. But there are many others who have been there along our assessment and book-writing journeys. From Ellen: In addition to having the privilege to have my thinking about assessment stretched by Bill Macauley, I’m grateful to have had the experience of working on assessment projects with energetic colleagues at Grand Valley State University. Wendy Wenner, Julie Guevara, and Dan Royer have taught me much about leadership and innovation when it comes to assessment and program development. Many thanks to Patrick Johnson, Lisa Gullo, Michelle Sanchez and the incredible writing consultants I’ve worked with over the past decade—your enthusiastic and creative work on assessment and strategic planning have made lasting impressions on our center’s work. And I must acknowledge the incredible support offered by the participants of the Faculty/Staff Writing Retreats from 2009-2011, when drafting and revision of this book were in full swing. Finally, hugs and high fives to Zoe-Kate and Eli for their patience and support, and to my husband Amorak for listening intently, offering sound writing and editing advice, and championing this project from the very beginning. From Bill: I want to acknowledge first and foremost my coauthor, colleague, and friend Ellen Schendel, who really carried this project as I made a complex transition from Ohio to Nevada. I also want to thank my friend and colleague, Nick Mauriello, who literally taught me how to design, sustain, and complete a book project. I must also thank another friend and former colleague, Simon Gray, who developed with me the first iterations of the process described in chapter two of this book. I also have to thank my colleagues at the University of Nevada, Reno, who have been absolutely and consistently supportive of my work, especially Maureen McBride, Wade Brown, Jane Detweiler, Heather Hardy, and Eric Rasmussen. And, as usual, I am eternally grateful to my wife and partner, Debi Stears; I am always better because I know you (and because you know me so well, too). ...


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