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A c k n o w l e d g m e n t s To produce a volume such as this, particularly in an area that has received little scholarly attention—that is, the intersection of women’s health issues with the urban conditions in which women live—required the collaboration of many people. Though they are far too numerous to recognize individually, we thank them as a group, and we will highlight a few because of the depth and/or longevity of their contributions . First and foremost, the national planning committee for the Penn-ICOWHI (International Council on Women’s Health Issues) 18th Congress, whose members include academics, community activists, artists , administrators, and government officials, worked tirelessly to organize the four-day meeting that inspired this book. Drawn from nursing, medicine, epidemiology, public health, anthropology, and urban planning , the committee members identified the critical areas of scholarship and the experts to address them. The Board of Governors of the ICOWHI has had a long history of fostering dialogue about women and their health. It has sponsored eighteen conferences to disseminate research and practice on the topic throughout the world. The results have advanced the science in women ’s health, enhanced government commitment, and created an advocacy voice for women and their issues. The leadership of the University of Pennsylvania provided unwavering support for this project. President Amy Gutmann believed in our plans and contributed her knowledge and voice to the project as well as other intangible support. Her able team, Provost Vincent Price and Senior Vice Provost for Research Steven Fluharty, were not only instantly convinced and conversant about our goals, but also led the way in securing resources to bring this volume to fruition. We view this book as a demonstration of our mutual commitment to integrating knowledge across fields. The generous intellectual and financial support of foundations was transformative for our thinking and that of our colleagues. In particular , Judith Rodin, president, and Darren Walker, former vice president, 332 Acknowledgments of The Rockefeller Foundation had the vision and leadership to begin the conversation about interdisciplinary approaches to addressing global urbanization at the Global Urban Summit in Bellagio, Italy, in 2007, which we attended to our great benefit. Along with Robert Buckley , managing director of the Rockefeller Foundation, Rodin and Walker helped us deepen that dialogue. This book is one of the many outcomes of that initial work. The Board of Overseers of the School of Nursing and the Advisory Board of the Penn Institute for Urban Research provided counsel and funding. Dean Kehler and Lawrence and Melanie Nussdorf, have been critical to the success of a shared cities and women’s health initiative that has led to this volume. Among our team, Caroline Glickman and Janet Tomcavage managed the 18th ICOWHI Congress, Cities and Women’s Health: Global Perspectives, as well as the details of this book with unparalleled energy and commitment. Without Cara Griffin’s expert editorial support we would not have been able to produce this volume. Her professional expertise, wisdom, and cultural sensitivity are appreciated by all the authors. We are indebted to the editorial staff at the University of Pennsylvania Press, who have made this book possible. Peter Agree, editor-in-chief, believed in this project from its inception. He ensured that the manuscript was carefully critiqued and instigated many revisions to bring it to this high level of contribution. The positive and constructive comments of anonymous reviewers were extraordinarily valuable. Our editors at Penn Press are much appreciated for having helped smooth the rough edges of the manuscript. Finally, the authors have given unstinted commitment and considerable expertise in each of their chapters. They aspire, as we do, to improve the quality of women’s lives through better health in the cities of today and tomorrow. Afaf I. Meleis Eugenie L. Birch Susan M. Wachter ...


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