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C o n t e n t s Foreword Amy Gutmann ix Introduction: Developing Urban Areas as if Gender Matters Afaf Ibrahim Meleis 1 Part I: Women’s Health in Urban Areas Chapter 1. Women’s Health and the City: A Comprehensive Approach for the Developing World Julio Frenk and Octavio Gómez-Dantés 15 Chapter 2. Policy for a Better Future: A Focus on Girls and Women Ruth Levine 28 Chapter 3. Girls’ Health and Educational Needs in Urban Environments Varina Tjon-A-Ten, Brad Kerner, Shweta Shukla, and Anne Hochwalt 35 Chapter 4. Making Cities Safe for Women and Girls: Integrating a Gender Perspective into Urban Health and Planning Claudia Garcia-Moreno and Manupreet Chawla 53 Part II: Urbanization, Space, and Geography Chapter 5. Design of Healthy Cities for Women Eugenie L. Birch 73 Chapter 6. Are Women Victims, or Are They Warriors? Sheela Patel 93 viii Contents Chapter 7. Women with Disabilities and Cities Rosaly Correa-de-Araujo 110 Chapter 8. The Health and Well-Being of Immigrant Women in Urban Areas DeAnne K. Hilfinger Messias 144 Part III: Models of Excellence Chapter 9. Women’s Health in the Urban Community: National Institutes of Health Perspective Vivian W. Pinn and Nida H. Corry 169 Chapter 10. Transforming Urban Environments Diane Cornman-Levy, Grace R. Dyrness, Jane Golden, David Gouverneur, and Jeane Ann Grisso 188 Chapter 11. Bearing Witness: Women in Cities as Agents of Transformation for God Grace R. Dyrness 209 Chapter 12. Accessibility to Health Care in Urban Environments Francisca M. Mwangangi 227 Chapter 13. Mobilizing Communities to Prevent Violence Against Women and HIV in Kampala, Uganda Tina C. Musuya 240 Chapter 14. Philanthropy and Its Impact on Urban Women’s Health Katherina M. Rosqueta and Carol A. McLaughlin 258 Afterword Susan M. Wachter 273 Notes 277 References 281 List of Contributors 305 Index 315 Acknowledgments 331 ...


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