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111 41 The Old Woman and her Daughters A n old woman had daughters who were getting too old for marriage. No one came to ask for their hand because their mother didn’t want to see any man at her house. However, one man had an idea. One day when the wind had started to blow and it was about to rain, he decided to go by the old woman’s door. The latter said to him: ‘‘Dear child, instead of running, come inside my house and get out of the rain!’’ The man told her: ‘‘I’m sorry, but I have daughters at home ! They are all virgins and I heard that today the wind will blow away all the virgin girls. This is why I’m running, in order to save them!’’ The old woman cried and begged the man to come help her, for she had two virgin girls at home. 112 Alain-Joseph Sissao (Translated from the French by Nina Tanti) The man entered the house and found the two girls. When he had finished deflowering them he went out and wanted to leave. The old woman told him: ‘‘Dear child, do not leave! It’s been a long time since I had a man!’’ The man told her: ‘‘You’re on your own!’’ And he left. ...


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