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91 33 The Origin of Joking Relationships between the Poεε εε εε εε εεse, Yarse, and Peuls T here were two Poεεse1 who were born the same day, one in the morning, the other in the evening. When it came time for them to marry, they both desired the same girl. The one born in the morning said that he would be the one to marry the girl; he who was born in the evening swore it would be him. So a fight broke out between them. They chased after each other and one of them went down a hole. He was very lucky because when he went down the hole, a spider, who was spinning her web, closed up the entrance. When the second one got to the edge of the hole he found a Peul2 and a Yarga3 sitting there drinking milk. They had seen the man who had gone into the hole. When the second one asked if anybody had passed that way the Peul wanted to say yes, but the Yarga motioned for him to keep quiet. So he was silent. The Poεεga told the Peul not to be afraid to say anything about what he had seen. The Peul told him to dig in the hole and look inside. He dug in the hole and killed his rival. 1. The Poεεse constitute a social group which lives at the court where it is responsible for trials by ordeals. Subgroup of the Moaaga ethnic group. Singular: A Poεεga. 2. Breeder of livestock. Nomadic herdsmen also known as Fulani, found in several areas of West, Central, and East Africa. 3. Muslim tradesman. 92 Alain-Joseph Sissao (Translated from the French by Nina Tanti) The Yarga insulted the Peul and called him good-fornothing . Why did he get the man killed? He also insulted the Poεεga who had murdered his brother. This is how the joking relationship began between the Poεεga, the Yarga and the Peul. Even today when they meet each other, they have fun insulting one another. But no one insults mothers. ...


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